Introducing CITYROW Live — The First Live Total Body Rowing Classes

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CITYROW (the Company), one of the fastest growing omnichannel fitness brands announced today that it would begin broadcasting its online classes live from a new, state-of-the-art production studio in New York City. In addition to its nationwide footprint of boutique gyms, CITYROW has emerged as a major player in the connected fitness category with its CITYROW GO smart rowers and digital content platform, which offers a variety of rowing-based classes, performance metrics, and goal tracking for an immersive workout experience from home.

Live classes allow users to enjoy the same great workouts, beloved instructors, and exhilarating benefits members have come to expect from CITYROW’s 20-, 30-, and 50-minute sessions. Within the live format, members can receive real-time feedback and shout-outs from their instructors. All live classes are available on-demand the next day to give users the convenience of working out on their own time.

Using the CITYROW GO platform, members can access live classes in a virtual environment, as well as see and share their performance metrics in real-time. To enhance the experience, instructors will be able to coach members in classes as they’re able to track participants’ efforts throughout sessions.

“In today’s virtual world, we are now able to bring the unique feel of in-person CITYROW classes into consumers’ homes with live classes that enable direct engagement between our dynamic instructors and our community,” said Helaine Knapp, founder and CEO, CITYROW. “With the move to live content production, we can now provide additional classes, enhanced interactivity, and immersive engagement via the live class format.”

CITYROW is the first fitness concept to stream live classes filmed on an indoor rowing machine, also known as an erg. CITYROW offers a variety of rowing-based classes including its Signature class, which combines rowing with strength training, Endurance rows, HIIT rows, and Strength classes. In addition, the platform also offers off-rower classes like Yoga and Pilates to provide subscribers with a complete fitness solution. While the majority of its subscribers have purchased and are joining classes from a CITYROW GO smart rower, the CITYROW GO mobile app is also compatible with several other popular erg models.

Features include:

  • Real-time Metrics: Users can see their meters rowed, split time, a proprietary intensity meter, and more for data-driven motivation
  • Goal & Performance Tracking: Users can track their progress, celebrate personal records, and earn badges
  • 24/7 Access: Users can join classes live or on-demand
  • Real-time Coaching: Instructors now know who has joined a class and can encourage them mid-workout

CITYROW GO now offers 30+ live classes per week and will be adding even more classes over time. Additionally, every live class launched will become available on-demand, giving individuals the ability to work out at their convenience or retake classes they enjoy the most.

CITYROW is an omnichannel fitness brand that offers workouts through its smart rowers, digital platform, and studio locations nationwide. CITYROW has redefined rowing by making it fun, approachable, and accessible for anyone through its signature style of form-focused instruction, unique class formats, and proprietary technology designed to help consumers track their performance and progress.


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