Inside Australia’s most exclusive gym: The Chris Wilson Fitness Studio

Inside Australia’s most exclusive gym: The Chris Wilson Fitness Studio

A gym in Western Australia is so exclusive it’s only offered to 50 people at a time with its rich clients happy to fork out the big bucks.

An Aussie gym is so exclusive it’s only offered to 50 members at one time — and they’re willing to fork out the big bucks just to be a part of it.

Chris Wilson, 33, is the man behind the swanky gym, Chris Wilson Fitness Studio, based in Nedlands, an affluent western suburb of Perth.

While he’s only been operating the elite studio for six months, it’s already becoming a huge hit, attracting some of the country’s richest people.

“It’s grown so quick,” Chris told

“I think that because a lot of people aren’t travelling, the focus has shifted more to health and wellbeing and people are willing to spend a lot more money on their health.”

Chris, who worked as a personal trainer with the Welsh rugby team, spent years planning how he could create a space so unique, it will have a lasting impact on the community.

His goal was to develop one-stop destination for all-things health, wellness and fitness.

He charges $579 per week for his platinum membership option which includes dinners at high-end Perth restaurants, free coffee and access to body composition scans.

He admitted that at first he was worried people wouldn’t want to spend that much on the package.

“But it has been really popular and it is good value,” he said.

“It also includes three one-on-one sessions which can cost $300 in itself and on top of that they have access to unlimited classes at the gym.”

Those who have signed up to the platinum membership also have access to the Bodyscape high-end yoga studio run by Chris’ partner Rosanna Susanto with discounted massages and facials and use of “top of the range” saunas.

Chris said his vision was to create a “whole lifestyle” package and not just a “gym” but one that was exclusive as possible.

The facilities and offerings are also part of the reason its attracts a wealthy cliental and while the 33-year-old said he can’t reveal the names of his members, they include prominent Perth businesspeople from mining bosses, hoteliers to property developers.

“Most of them are mining CEO’s or they own hotels or 20 plus restaurants,” he said.

“They are all super disciplined people. They never cancel a session, they’re always on time and ready and waiting and they also need to leave bang on the minute.

“I am really respectful of there time and they’re respectful of me because I am also quite private and don’t pry into their business. I know they are wealthy million and billionaires but we treat everyone equal at the gym — and I think that’s what they like.”

Chris said the reason his gym only sees 50 people at a time is to ensure the nine trainers get plenty of time to help clients reach their fitness goals.

He said what also sets his gym apart from the others is all the extra quality touches, like cool towels, impeccable presentation and ensuring the gym is always well organised.

To the point that he lines the weights up perfectly after every use.

“Having just 50 pople makes it personable and it means we can also keep on top of our members,” he said.

The one thing you won’t find at his gym is mirrors. Chris said it can often serve as a distraction and so he decided to go without them.

When it comes to the equipment, Chris admiited he went a “bit extra” with the machinery, with some also imported from the US.

Members also have the option of silver and gold packages which are $100 and $49 per week, however it only offers limited services and no personal training sessions.

Chris said he is extremely humbled at how far the gym has come in such a short time, adding that he took a big risk opening during the Covid pandemic.

“I am very humble and grateful not only being able to operate still during these times but very grateful for everyone in the community for getting behind me and supporting my idea,” he told

Chris, who only recently became a dad for the first time, said he had to dig deep in his pocket to bring his dream to life and is thankful it’s been a huge success.

”I have done this all on my own from scratch — I’ve been working in this field for the last nine years and have just been saving, building it up and just throwing everything at it.”

Chris, who moved to Australia from the UK in 2012, will also be opening a boxing-style gym next month.

It too will have a cap of 50 members with platinum members also having access to both the gym and yoga studio.

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