inMotion Fitness and Wellness Center Offers a Range of Services and Classes

FITNESS AND FUN: “We are distinguished by offering a variety of fitness programs and small class size in the safest environment possible. We are a female-owned business, and we strive to offer both personal attention and a sense of community.” Shown, from left, are Sandra Wang, Sandi Della Rocca, and Marci Resnick, owners of inMotion Fitness and Wellness. They are enthusiastic about introducing clients to their new studio.

By Jean Stratton

inMotion Fitness and Wellness is guaranteed to keep you moving!

Offering personal training, group fitness, and wellness services, it has a program for everyone’s level of ability and enough variety to keep you motivated.

“I really enjoy seeing someone take that first step on a new path for their fitness and wellness,” says Sandi Della Rocca, one of the center’s owners. “We encourage one small sustainable change at a time. It takes patience, but when clients see improvements in their fitness, they are encouraged and motivated to continue. It’s one step at a time.”

Opened in September at Suite F-50, 29 Emmons Drive, inMotion is also owned by Sandra Wang and Marci Resnick. Wang oversees the center’s finances and operations, and Resnick provides services as a certified coach, trainer, and instructor.


inMotion’s history began with its program Apart/Together at the outset of the COVID pandemic.

“Apart/Together’s Facebook community was born out of the need for social connection after the pandemic struck,” explain the owners. “One friend told another, and our online haven quickly grew to 2,800 members. We began offering free virtual group fitness classes and other community-building activities, such as a virtual book club, educational resources for kids, community service projects, and more.”

As their community focus evolved, they emphasized emotional and physical health through physical activity and interpersonal interaction. At that point, Apart/Together became Apart/Together in Motion. The virtual platform offered group fitness classes, personal training, and nutrition and wellness counseling.

Apart/Together in Motion also raised thousands of dollars for area nonprofit organizations, such as the Christina S. Welch Breast Cancer Foundation, Share My Meals, the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Robbinsville Food Pantry, PACE Education, Dress For Success, and SAVE — A Friend To Homeless Animals.

Today, Apart/Together has evolved once again — into inMotion Fitness and Wellness, with its new location on Emmons Drive. Classes are both in person there or virtual via Zoom.

Hula Hoopla

Now that people are more confident about going out and being together, men, women, and older teens are enjoying the variety of services at the spacious center. Two large group fitness studios offer classes in barre, yoga, Zumba, Les Mills (BODYSTEP and BODYCOMBAT), cardio, and strength training.

In addition, inMotion provides personal training, wellness and nutrition  coaching, and specialty series classes, including Mommy and Me (for moms and toddlers), Hula Hoopla, and Restorative Yoga.

“inMotion gives you the best of all worlds in group fitness programming,” says Della Rocca. “It’s the personal attention only available in a boutique setting, the variety of classes traditionally found in a big box gym, and the convenience of a hybrid delivery that fits into your lifestyle.

“Our instructors are all vaccinated, certified, and highly experienced in the formats they teach. We offer a wide variety of programming including high-impact cardio, low-impact cardio and strength, kick boxing, core, and so much more. And the programming is always evolving to provide you with the variety to keep you motivated and moving.”

Free weights and other exercise equipment are available, but not the machines found in many gyms. Classes are typically 45 minutes or one hour, with no more than 15 participants, or one-on-one with a personal trainer.

Clients are at all levels of fitness, and come for many reasons, points out Della Rocca. They may opt to work with a personal trainer, attend one of the group classes, or work out at home via Zoom. Class routine can be flexible regarding each client’s individual needs.

Psychological Benefits

“People come for a variety of reasons, such as improving their overall health, to lose weight, to tone and strengthen, and to get the very real psychological benefits that exercise and a wellness community provide,” says Della Rocca. “We have a support protocol for wherever they are. Also, if people have a special need or condition, such as pregnancy, sports injuries, health issues, including arthritis, etc., our smaller class size means that we can adapt and offer modifications to meet each member’s needs. We make recommendations to support them where they are at this moment.”

One of the most popular classes is barre, she continues. “The barre classes include elements of ballet, with movement and exercise to strengthen and tone. It is a full body workout.”

Hula Hoopla (using a variety of different-sized hula hoops) is a lot of fun and a great workout, she adds. And for those who really like a challenge, Tabata, an interval exercise, offers seven blocks of work sets, including 20 seconds of very hard work, then 10 seconds of rest during a 45-minute class.

Holistic Approach

The journey to good health varies from person to person, and requires determination and focus, and sometimes behavior and lifestyle changes. Having the help and support of nutrition and wellness specialists can be vital to success.

In addition to teaching barre and Les Mills, Della Rocca is a certified health and wellness coach. Her doctorate in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in counseling enable her to bring specialized experience in helping people achieve good health and wellness.

“Rather than a focus on nutrition and exercise alone, I believe in taking a holistic approach to wellness, including incorporating the emotional, environmental, intellectual, and social dimension of wellness,” she says.

“For example, people overeat for many reasons. They may be upset, worried, bored, etc. People do eat when they are not really hungry. We can help with healthy, balanced diets, but we also emphasize moderation and a healthy mindset about eating.

“Rather than just focusing on the scale and using the number to determine whether someone is meeting goals, we encourage people to look for progress signs that aren’t just the number on the scale. For instance, do clothes fit better? Do you notice that you have more energy during the day? Is a class that was super-challenging a little easier? Do you notice increased flexibility? We offer support and make clients feel welcome wherever they are on their fitness journey.”

Assisting — and empowering  — people to find the appropriate balance that works for them is so important, adds Della Rocca. “We help them to be consistent, so the changes they make are long-lasting and sustainable.

“And whatever the reason that brought people to inMotion, we want to keep them interested. Everyone is so glad to be out together after COVID. It’s the social connection of being together. We also take precise care with all the safety precautions, including daily cleansing of the facility, vaccinated staff, small class size, and air filters. Clients also must have proof of vaccination.”

Fundraising Program

A complimentary class for prospective members is available, and for those who decide to join inMotion, several membership options are offered at different price points including Zoom membership, which includes access to an on demand virtual content library, unlimited on-site, one time drop-in ($20); and hybrid, which offers access to unlimited Zoom studio, and content library. 

In addition to the classes, inMotion has a very active fundraising program. The owners consider this part of their mission, and these fitness events, such as Zumba Glow Parties, and raffle fundraisers are open to the public, notes Della Rocca.

“People can come and buy raffle tickets for $5, and have the chance to win a variety of different gift baskets. The proceeds are donated to an area organization or charity. Since our opening on September 21, we have raised more than $13.000.”

Della Rocca and her partners are proud to be in a business that helps others in so many ways.

“We believe we are making a positive difference in people’s lives, and we look forward to our membership increasing so that we can help even more people. We feel we are a community here, and we will welcome you and support you in your fitness and wellness goals. It can be fun too. We can’t wait to meet you!”

inMotion is open daily, with varied hours for classes, from 6 a.m. to noon, and 5 to 8 p.m. Private classes are held between noon and 5 p.m. Specific class hours and schedules are available on the website at For further information, call (609) 356-0432.

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