Increasing strength, confidence helps build Norseman Barbell Club

DEVILS LAKE – Steve Engbrecht, in addition to a pair of young weightlifters, had an idea. 

The idea was a heavy one, no pun intended. The idea, of course, revolved around weightlifting. But not just weightlifting as an activity. On top of building strength from a workout regime, the trio additionally wished to participate in weightlifting competitions at the local, regional and state levels. 

The Norseman Barbell Club is a local weightlifting club located in Devils Lake.

And so, the idea evolved even further. Given his history with the weights dating back to his time as a teenager, Engbrecht, now 60, saw the opportunity to train those interested in the same goal. 

And so, the idea of the Norseman Barbell Club came to fruition. The club, located in Devils Lake, has grown to more than half a dozen eager weightlifters willing to do the work necessary to succeed on the national stage. 

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