I Tried Adele’s Punishing Daily Workout Schedule, Wouldn’t Do Longterm

  • Adele works out three times a day: weights, then hiking or boxing, then cardio, she told Vogue.
  • I tried her regime one day, and while it felt good to move lots, it’s not sustainable for me.
  • Personal trainer Laura Hoggins advises people to workout less and recover between sessions.

Adele recently detailed the workout regime she follows, and it involves working out 2-3 times a day.

Speaking to British Vogue, the singer said she’d lost 100 lbs, but

weight loss
was never the goal. She wanted to ease her anxiety, feel better, get stronger, and have time away from her phone, she said.

“I work out two or three times a day,” Adele told the outlet. “So I do my weights in the morning, then I normally hike or I box in the afternoon, and then I go and do my cardio at night.”

The singer works out with trainers, and admits the regime wouldn’t work for most people.

That said, I decided to give Adele’s routine a try, working out in the morning, afternoon, and evening for one day.

Adele starts the day with weights

Rachel doing squats and sitting on a workout mat

Rachel Hosie performing squats in her morning workout, and after stretching at the end.

Rachel Hosie/Insider

Adele works through “every weight machine in the gym” over an hour period, according to US Vogue

I’m not sure how many machines there are in Adele’s gym, but if I were to use every one in mine, I’d barely manage a set on each within an hour.

However, I did a few different resistance training exercises like I would normally, including squats, deadlifts, hamstring curls, and hip thrusts. I don’t have a trainer, but I do follow a workout program on the Sweat app, which tells me my exercises and times my rests.

I don’t usually exercise in the morning, but I have a gym in my building and work from home, so I was able to get a session in without getting up too early.

Adele boxes or hikes in the afternoon

Rachel Hosie in the gym next to a punch bag and walking in nature.

Rachel Hosie did a half-hour boxing workout then half an hour of walking.

Rachel Hosie/Insider

I went back to the gym during my lunch break for boxing.

Boxing isn’t my strong point, so I probably should have done this part with a trainer, but I applied what I’d learned in group boxing classes, and it felt good to get my heart-rate up.

After 30 minutes, I was bored and unsure of what else to do, so I decided to move on to Adele’s other afternoon activity: hiking.

Unfortunately, I don’t live by any hiking trails, but I do have a nature reserve on my doorstep. So I went out for a brisk walk.

Adele does cardio in the evening

Rachel Hosie during cardio.

Rachel worked up a sweat with some evening cardio.

Rachel Hosie/Insider

After logging off from my laptop at around 6 P.M., it was cardio time.

I’m not a huge fan of steady state cardio, but I didn’t have the mental or physical energy to do HIIT or sprints. Adele reportedly favors the elliptical, so I hopped on it for a while before switching to the treadmill and stationary bike to prevent myself from getting too bored.

It felt good to get a bit of a sweat on, but after about 40 minutes, I called it a day.

Most people don’t need to do multiple workouts a day

I work out a lot, so trying Adele’s day wasn’t too much of a stretch for me — I actually felt good, but only because it was a one-off.

There’s no way I could do three daily workouts if I wanted to have a social life and keep my job, even living so close to the gym.

Personal trainer Laura Hoggins doesn’t recommend people workout as much as Adele, unless you’re working with an expert.

“Significant training volume, overreaching, and under-recovering could lead to elevated cortisol levels, increased risk of injury, and diminishing returns,” Hoggins told Insider.



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