How To Get Gym Rat Badge Quickly In NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 has many new features within it, but there are also some returning like the very useful Gym Rat Badge and there is one way to get it much quicker than expected.

The Gym Rat Badge is very helpful, as it prevents you from having to go to the in-game gym every week to get stat boosts on your character. Instead, you can just equip the Gym Rat Badge and be set every week.

Getting the Gym Rat Badge seems to be time based at first to where you’d have to wait a while to complete it, but there is a way to get is much quicker that we’re here to tell you about today.

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Getting the Gym Rat Badge Quickly In NBA 2K22

Figuring out how to get the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K22 on next-gen is not all that hard, but knowing how to actually do it quickly is another story entirely.

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Once you start your MyCareer and get to the point where you are in your apartment and can go out into The City for the first time, press the equivalent of the start button on your respective platform and bring up the pause menu.

From there, you want to scroll over to the Quests tab by pressing R1 and then pressing X on Quests in the area below. Now scroll down further to the City Quests option and press X once again to open up the list of City Quests to the right. Scroll down here to near the bottom where you will find the Gym Rat Quest, which you want to select.

The first time you are doing this quest, your objective will be to speak with a Gatorade rep. To do this, make sure you have the quest selected and follow the icon for it in The City to get to the Gatorade Gym.

After speaking with the Gatorade rep, the real objective opens up, which tasks you with earning 3 Stars on any workout in the Gatorade Gym 50 times. You would think this wouldn’t be too bad, especially once you get the hang of the different workouts.

However, the problem here is that you are limited in how often you can complete the workouts in the Gatorade Gym across the five categories of Acceleration, Speed, Stamina, Strength, and Vertical.

After doing one workout from each of these categories, you will get a boost for seven days and then be locked out from doing any of those pieces of training again. As a result, you would assume that it would take 10 weeks if you could only max out at five 3 star finishes a week, with it possibly being less if you get less than 3 stars on a workout.

The great news is that there is a workaround to get the Gym Rat Badge much quicker in NBA 2K22 that will let you keep training and building this up until you reach 50 with no max number of attempts, which is located right inside the Gatorade Gym.

This is located right in the back middle of the gym under a sign that says Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Unlike the other workouts in the gym, this one only allows one player to do it at a time, so you may have to wait a bit.

The workout is pretty simple, as you have to move the left analog stick and right analog stick in specific directions fast enough. Getting to 16 points should earn you 3 stars, which you can keep doing again and again to work towards that 50 total you need.

After you complete this workout, you actually go over to the side and do another exercise that tests your reflexes and eye coordination towards earning Gatorade discounts in the game. You only really need to worry about doing this the first time unless you do really poorly.

After that, just keep lining back up and doing the first workout again and get in a rhythm where you can get 3 stars every time. How long this will take will really depend on how many players are also trying to do the same as you and how successful you are at getting 3 stars.

Once you hit the 50 completed workouts with 3 stars mark, you will now be given the incredibly useful Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K22.

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