Hot Bods: Doctor clocks runs of more than 20km on weekends

SINGAPORE – Meet this week’s hot bods – 32-year-old Vanessa Chong, a doctor, and boxing head coach Muhammad Solihin Nordin, 34.

Vanessa Chong, 32


Height: 1.6m

Weight: 47.5kg

Exercise regimen: I started running in 2018 during my medical specialisation training. Running in nature became a rejuvenating outlet. I slowly progressed to long runs above 20km, which I do on the weekends. I usually run about five to six times a week after work.

I take a day a week off to walk or slow jog to explore nature while catching up with friends. Building strength is very important to sustain the impact running puts on the body. So, do not neglect the push-ups, squats and lunges.

Diet: My diet consists mostly of carbohydrates, which serve as fuel for running. I love sweet potatoes, baked fries, curry rice and thosai with coconut chutney.

As a female runner, it is very important to maintain a body weight to stay healthy and have a regular period. To me, food is fuel and feeling satisfied keeps me mentally and physically strong to work as a doctor and also run. So, I never miss meals and keep snacks at hand.

As long as it is plant-based, I will eat it. Nothing is off-limits, from cakes to ice cream to cookies.

Muhammad Solihin Nordin, 34

Boxing head coach

Height: 1.74m

Weight: 67kg

Exercise regimen: My regular training routine includes cardio such as boxing (skipping, heavy bag work, shadow boxing, pad work, sparring, sprinting interval and speed ball), as well as jogging and cycling about two to three times a week.

It also includes strength and conditioning exercises about twice a week, such as kettlebell swings, kettle snatch, barbell deadlift, battle ropes, agility ladder, medicine ball slam and dumbbell press.

I do strength endurance and explosive movements to improve or maintain my performance. I spend about 60 to 90 minutes a workout and I train about three to five times a week. For me, consistency is key as strength training is included at least twice in my routine. Boxing helps me move well and stay injury-free.

Diet: I have a balanced diet by eating everything in moderation. I also eat more home-cooked food as it is healthier. That said, my favourite food is Malay traditional dishes such as rendang and lontong. I have cheat days as well. At least once or twice a week, my wife, child and I enjoy a big meal, breakfast at McDonald’s or other fast food.

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