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HUBERTUS — It all started about 20 years ago, with three skeletons and an oak tree.

The next thing he knew, Jimmy Zamzow was making a display featuring a skeleton cutting the grass on a Simplicity tractor. Before long, he was creating dioramas featuring hundreds of skeletons dressed according to various themes. Dancing w/the Skulls, the Bone Deans, Til Death Do Us Part, Highway to Hell, Skull Bowl LXXXI featuring the Packers vs. the Vikings, exercising skeletons and more.

This year, Jimmy Zamzow and his wife Sandi have created Surfin’ USA, a tiered display of blue waves featuring surfing skeletons, swimming skeletons, sun-bathing skeletons, a beach and Eddie Van Halen holding a surfboard that replicates his guitar. There will also be a shark in the “water” and more beach bums that are yet to be added.

During the weekends, Jimmy Zamzow said, there will be 20 to 40 people admiring the display at any time.

The couple makes sure the themes they choose will not offend the viewers who stop to see the display.

“We always have a cute, funny theme,” Jimmy Zamzow said. “We’re not political or gory. It’s always about skeletons having fun.”

‘Til Death Do Us Part was chosen as last year’s theme because the couple was married a year ago. “One year the theme was fitness. We had the skeletons using fitness equipment,” he said.

It takes the Zamzows at least a month to set up the display, but they work on it all year, utilizing things they have, things that are donated or, in the case of the Super Bowl, items they purchased in Minnesota. “That was an expensive year,” he quipped. The Zamzows don’t ask for donations, but a tip box on one of the signs lets viewers know that any money donated will be used on upcoming displays.

“We’re grateful for our neighbors, Jim and Meri,” added Sandi Zamzow. “They allowed us to use their side of the driveway for this year’s display and helped out dressing the ‘actors’ in their costumes.” A display on the east side of the long driveway depicts the Rainbow Bridge, in memory of pets that have passed away. “We encourage visitors to bring pictures of beloved pets they have lost,” Sandi Zamzow said. The pictures will be displayed on a memory board near the bridge.

There is an altruistic side to the fun. “I like to remind people that they will be skeletons one day, and skeletons don’t have organs,” Jimmy Zamzow said. “We urge people to consider organ donations.”

Holy Hill Skeletons is located at 5256 State Road 167 in Hubertus, about a mile east of Holy Hill Basilica. Parking on the road is discouraged. Instead, guests are asked to pull into the driveway and park on the grass.

Past displays are available on Facebook. Visit HolyHillSkeletons.com.

The display will be up at least a week after Halloween, and then, the Zamzows will be busy choosing next year’s theme.

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