Here’s What Your Puppy Should Be Eating For A Future Of Better Health

A raw diet is exactly what it sounds like—whole-foods like real meat, fruits, and veggies that are never cooked and never heated, meaning the nutrients are never compromised in any way. And for pet parents out there who get a little squeamish at the idea of preparing raw meat every day, fear not because Instinct Raw does the hard part for you. In fact, they do everything for you. Instinct makes the raw diet easy with complete and balanced frozen food that has been treated using Cold Pressure technology (AKA High Pressure Processing, or HPP) to eliminate any harmful bacteria. So you can rest easy knowing your pup is consuming a safe and quality meal that is ready to serve only a few minutes after thawing. The best part is, you get to take the credit!

Instinct’s responsibly-sourced ingredients are carefully selected to support the nutritional needs of a growing pup. That includes natural DHA from salmon oil and cod for trainability and cognitive development, cage-free chicken for healthy muscle and bone growth, and more. But aside from superior nutritional value, what makes Instinct stand out is their dedication to safe and quality raw ingredients. Research shows that feeding puppies a raw diet—as opposed to kibble—can support better health down the road.

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