Here’s Fitness Expert Kayla Itsines’s Guide To Perform “Kneel To Knee Up Exercise” Perfectly

Fitness trainer Kayla demonstrated the exercise in her new Instagram video. Follow these steps and master the exercise.

Heres Fitness Expert Kayla Itsiness Guide To Perform

These expert tips will help you perform the exercise perfectly

The most important aspect of exercising is doing things the right way. Performing exercises the wrong way can often invite injuries. And, some exercises in a routine can be trickier than others. Fitness trainer Kayla Itsines talked about one such exercise in her latest Instagram video. She performed the “kneel to knee up” exercise this time for her viewers. In the video, you can first see Kayla trying to perform it but admits that it is a tough one to crack. She then demonstrates the right way to do it. In the caption, she explained that the exercise sounds pretty simple but it can feel like a brain teaser at the start when you are trying to figure out what knee goes where and when.

Further in the caption, she elaborated the entire process of performing this exercise as a detailed guide for the viewers.

Ways to perform the “Kneel to Knee Up” exercise according to Kayla Itsines:

1) Kneel on the ground, and bring one leg up first, and on that same side, bring your elbow up. So, if your right leg comes up, your right elbow comes up too.

2) Practice a few side crunch movements, bringing your elbow down to the opposite side of your body.

3) Stand up strong off your kneeling leg, engaging your glutes, and bring that other knee up to your elbow. Make sure you are rotating at your torso to bring that elbow to your knee.

4) You can then start alternating between both sides, by returning to the initial kneeling position and beginning again.

Kayla said she likes to keep switching the positions of her hands when she gets into the starting position, so she knows which side she needs to kneel up on.

She told her viewers that practice is the only route to perfection. She said, “Keep practising slowly to get it right, and I know you will be smashing those reps out in no time.”

Read the detailed note by Kayla here:

Prior to this, she had shared another video on Instagram where she demonstrated a few exercises that would help viewers burn belly fat. In this video, she said that it is a perfect exercise programme with minimum equipment and can be performed at home.

She also showed five of her favourite ab exercise that included Flutters, Russian Twist, Alternating Jackknife, Side Plank & Oblique Crunch, and X Mountain Climbers. She told viewers that these exercises can be done in 30 seconds and to repeat the cycle after that.

Since you now have a detailed guide to perform the Kneel to Knee Up routine, what are you waiting for? Start moving to get fitter.

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