Handstand Walk Progression: How long does it take to learn Handstand Walk?

Whilst usually seen as a rather juvenile fitness exercise manoeuvre, the handstand walk has become one of the most used forms of physical exercise in order build core strength.

The handstand walk is certainly not for beginners and it remains one of the more physically challenging exercise to complete

However, the health benefits of it are being made abundantly clear, hence why there has been a sudden rise in its popularity as members of the public look to build their own strength.

What is a handstand walk?

The handstand walk is fairly self-explanatory in its description. It is the act of standing in reverse order with your hands acting as balance on the floor, and then moving your hands in order to similar regular walking.

The handstand walk requires you to then move around using your hands as legs, making it one of the more unique exercises from an aesthetic standpoint.

How to do a handstand walk?

You will usually need the assistance of a wall or person to get yourself in position to perform the handstand walk.

You will need to do a handstand and let your feet hit up against a solid surface, then once you’ve gained your balance you can move your hands as if they were legs and move around.

It takes time to learn this move, and it is by no means simple, especially with the sheer core strength that it requires right away.

According to former circus performer Gabby Parker, the move can take a while to master.

“With the proper instruction you’re looking at anywhere from three months to two years before you’re able to hold a handstand away from the wall,” she explained to Stylist.co.uk.

What are the benefits of a handstand walk?

The exercise is great for physical training as it strengthens your shoulders, core and back muscles, and it uses only your body weight.

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