Gemma Collins shows off results of stunning weight loss in garden work out video

Gemma Collins looked like she was ready for a sizzling summer as she told fans she’d already done a 45-minute power walk in a bid to boost her bod

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Gemma Collins shows off weight loss in garden work out

Gemma Collins was up and at ’em this morning as she showed off the results of her stunning weight loss.

The 41-year-old is on a mission to boost her bod and told fans she’s already been for a 45-minute power walk.

Taking to Instagram wearing some snazzy pink lycra leggings in her garden, she said: “Good morning ladies, gents, wherever you are in the world, New York, Paris, Montenegro…don’t you worry. It’s Monday, we’ve got this.

“I’ve done my walk and I’m about to do some moves with the kettle bell.

“It’s gets you in the right head zone and it makes you feel alive and fabulous.

Gemma Collins was up and at ’em

Her hard work is paying off!

“So if you’re not feeling it, if the G.C can do it, you can do it too.”

The TOWIE star has been working hard on her fitness as she is reportedly trying for a baby with her partner Rami Hawash.

The pair, who have been on and off for about a decade, are expected to postpone their wedding while they try to expand their family.

The couple have had a lot on their plate recently after Rami needed emergency surgery on his eye after an incident at his mechanical repair company in Romford.

The star said working out lifts her spirits

Last month, Gemma said her beau been left in “excruciating” pain as she spoke of how she had been caring for him in-between being on stage in Chicago.

“We hope that he’s going to get the sight back in his eye, but I did reassure him that if he went blind or if he was going to lose his eye, that I’m still going to be with him because you don’t think about all those things,” she told The Metro.

“But I said don’t worry, I love him with an eye, without an eye, whether or not he gets his sight back. So there’s been a lot going on emotionally as well, but we make sure to support one another.”

Rami injured his eye at work



Of course Rami has no doubt been supporting his girl after Gemma was forced to quit Chicago due to injury.

The star had been set to star as Matron ‘Mama’ Morton, but according to The Sun, the Diva Forever star was advised by medical professionals to quit the show, following a knee injury from Dancing on Ice.

Gemma had been due to make her debut at the Sunderland Empire Theatre on May 31, before going on to enjoy a week-long run in the musical.

The star was said to be “absolutely gutted” she had to cancel the performance, which she would no doubt have excelled in.

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