Full-Body Kettlebell Workout From QiQi Hill

As much as I love my trusty dumbbell workouts, sometimes you just need to mix up your strength training. That’s when I’ll grab a kettlebell or two. You still get the benefits of a weighted strength workout, but changing your equipment means you can try different moves and work with your weight in a different way.

This workout from NASM-certified trainer QiQi Hill is a great place to start. It consists of just five exercises, but the high rep count (by the end of the workout you’ll have done 60 total reps of each exercise) ensures your muscles will be burning by the end. Each move works multiple muscle groups at the same time for maximum efficiency. Overhead alternating kicks get your core and shoulders; double shoulder presses work your entire upper body; and the kettlebell swing and hop is all about arms, legs, and glutes. Here’s the complete list of exercises:

You do 12 reps of each exercise, then repeat the circuit four more times. Check out all the moves in Hill’s Instagram post above and get ready to work!

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