Freddie Combs’ weight loss explored as X Factor contestant passes away

Remember Freddie Combs on X Factor from years ago? The contestant who inspired people with his impressive weight loss has sadly passed away aged 49. While some remember him for the music he delivered on the reality show, he was known among others for his fight against obesity. 

His wife Katrina “Kay” Rife told TMZ that her husband passed away due to kidney failure. She also revealed that he did not suffer from COVID and the pandemic had nothing to do with his death. 

Freddie is no more, but his weight loss journey will always continue to serve as an inspiration. 

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Freddie Combs’ weight on the show

Viewers were rather surprised to see Freddie when he was escorted to the stage by his wife in a wheelchair during his auditions for X Factor in 2012. 

He weighed 540 pounds at the time and delivered his entire performance while being seated in the wheelchair. 

After showcasing his singing talent, Freddie opened up about his weight loss and revealed that he had dropped a whopping 400 pounds since 2009. 

Furthermore, the husband and wife duo had even appeared in two episodes of TLC’s Heavily Ever After, as the show followed their struggles to lose weight. 

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A look at X Factor contestant’s weight loss journey 

Freddie had a near-death experience once when he weighed his highest. He revealed that he was hospitalized, which is when he decided to lose weight. 

Shedding nearly 400 pounds wasn’t an easy task for Freddie and he thanks his wife Kay for helping him through it. 

He told on the show: “My wife Kay, she’s an incredible woman. She started caring for me right after we were married in ’96, and as my weight rose, more things were required of her. She’s the closest thing to an angel and a saint that I know”

Freddie revealed that he was able to lose weight through workouts and constant monitoring of his diet. He did not undergo any procedure to lose weight. 

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His wife was his caretaker until his demise

Freddie never wasted an opportunity to praise his wife who supported him throughout his journey. 

His Instagram account consists of several adorable pictures of the couple and it appears like they did not have any children of their own. 

Meanwhile, Freddie, who was also an Evangelist, worked closely with the church. His official website has many posters from various religious events which he attended with Kay. 

May Freddie Rest In Peace. Even though his stay on X Factor wasn’t long enough, his brief appearance made an impression on many. 

In other news, Freddie Combs’ weight loss explored as X Factor contestant passes away

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