FORME Studio smart fitness mirror offers live 1:1 training and an array of classes » Gadget Flow

Up your workout game at home with the FORME Studio smart fitness mirror. Sporting a 43-inch UHD 4K display with stereoscopic cameras, it provides live 1:1 training to keep you motivated and ensure that you have the correct form. It’s like having a personal fitness coach in your own home! The screen also transforms to display a range of fitness classes including yoga, strength training, Pilates, dance, and more. So you’ll never be bored with the same routine every session. Once you select a session, your trainer will conduct the routine along with you while you check your form on the display. Finally, this smart fitness mirror mounts to your wall for a space-saving design. And, at the end of your workouts, it switches to a luxury mirror that you can use every day.

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