Flashback | Valentina Shevchenko Loves Life On The Road

The split decision defeat to “The Lioness” didn’t sit well with Shevchenko or her legion of fans who thought she deserved the nod in the UFC 215 main event. But with time, Shevchenko has come to accept – not the loss, but the reality that this type of thing comes with the fight game sometimes.

“In this sport, things happen like this,” she said. “You want to finish the fight early, but sometimes you can’t. Martial arts is my lifestyle, it’s everything for me and I cannot say it’s easy, but I say I will be stronger next time. I take what I have to take from this experience, and with better energy I’ll go into the next one.”

The next one is with the raw and relatively unknown Cachoeira, who brings a perfect 8-0 record into her debut against one of the best in the game. Shevchenko is well aware that she is the favorite going into the bout, but she’s even more aware that the oddsmakers won’t be in the Octagon in Belem. It’s just her and Cachoeira, and Shevchenko has prepared accordingly.

“A fight is a fight, you never know what to expect,” she said. “And fighting in MMA is not a dance; it’s a real fight and that’s why I keep everything simple. I prepare for any fight as good as I can and I put all my energy into my preparation because I don’t believe in easy fights. I know what people think, but she has a very strong punch and she has eight fights with no losses. From my side, I have my experience. I was doing martial arts more than 20 years and all the experience I have will help me in this fight. There’s no difference in my preparation from my last fight to this fight now.”

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