Fitness trainer shares why rest days are an ‘important part of any exercise routine’

Fitness trainer shares why rest days are an ‘important part of any exercise routine’

Elaborating on the same, celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit shared on Instagram why a rest day is as important as working out.

“Something I feel isn’t spoken about enough.. why rest?? It’s so so important, and is actually when your muscles build and (you) start to see a difference. It’s important for your body and mind,” she wrote.

She pointed out the following reasons:

*Alleviates muscle pain and soreness: During a rest day, the body gets a chance to remove excess lactate from the muscles, which reduces muscle pain.

*Repairs and builds muscles: Exercise can cause microscopic tears in muscle tissue. During rest days, cells called fibroblasts repair and build up the muscle tissue.

*Replenishes body energy stores: Exercise depletes glycogen levels, a form of energy stored in the muscles, leading to muscle fatigue. Glycogen stores are replenished during rest days, reducing fatigue and preparing the muscles for the next workout.

*Prevents injury: Overexercising can lead to repetitive strain on the muscles, increasing the risk of injury.

*Allows mind to rest: Overexercising can also tire the mind, which can lead to poor decision making during a workout routine, increasing the risk of injury.

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