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But healthy people should also keep an eye on refined carbohydrates and sugar, too. 


The psychology of food

Many people strive to eat healthily, but sometimes it’s hard to resist temptation. Our own feelings and social influences all play a role. For example: the people we eat with can influence what and how much we consume.


The two types of diabetes

Insulin lets our cells absorb the glucose in our bloodstream. That process is disrupted among diabetics. Blood-sugar levels can get too high and lead to organ damage. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune illness. Type 2 can be linked to lifestyle.


Gut micro biome and ‘nutritional type’

What we eat affects our blood sugar levels in very individual ways. Studies have shown that it is mainly microbes in our gut that determine how quickly our blood sugar levels rise after eating carbohydrates, for example.


The power of raw fruit and vegetables

Eating raw fruit and vegetables means retaining the vitamins, enzymes and minerals inside. The fiber is good for your gut, and vegetable-rich diets help keep our cholesterol and blood sugar levels stable. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect.


Working out to beat diabetes

Exercise is a very effective way of fighting or preventing many illnesses. Diabetes is one of them. Strength training at the gym can work wonders.



Strengthening your back

Fitness trainer Aurelia demonstrates an effective exercise for strengthening your back.





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