FEELING GREAT: Doing the basics every day will help improve your health

A simple exercise ball can do wonders for your health.

I’m going to prove to you how simple it can be to make valuable improvements to your health, with five non-tech tools we regularly recommend to Paul Gough Physio Rooms clients when asked about ways to exercise that don’t involve needing a gym membership.

1: A beach ball – OK, it’s really called an exercise ball.

My tip is to find a medium-size exercise ball, blow it up, then sit on it for about 30 seconds at a time (10 times per day) and begin to work on the core muscles of your lower back. Do this, and you will see a difference, with less backache and stiffness.

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2: A resistance band – take a look on Amazon and you’ll see that these multi-coloured exercise training bands are often in the top 10 best sellers list because they are great for improving muscle tone and control, and developing the latter is the easiest way to avoid muscle pain or tension.

3: A notepad and pencil – what doesn’t get written down can’t be measured. And if it isn’t being measured, it isn’t worth doing. Track progress or set health goals by marking them down.

4: Skipping rope – great for restoring balance after something like a knee or ankle sprain.

5: Pillow – stuff it behind the small of your back when you sit for long periods. It will improve your posture, you will look healthier, feel healthier, while reduce stress and tension on your back muscles.

6: The bottom step of a set of stairs – great for building up knee strength and control.

If you’re suffering with something like arthritis of your knees, doing simple, low-level and non-impact exercises at the bottom of your stairs won’t cost anything and reduce the chance of unwanted pain and stiffness.

Now, don’t get me wrong, progress is a must, particularly in healthcare, and I’m not saying that all machines are fads.

Simply be careful not to overlook the basics and over-complicate exercise methods, because this often makes it much more difficult to stick to them.

Doing the basics every day will make the difference to your health in the long run .

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