‘Don’t overdo it’: Why Ayurveda advises against exercising too much

‘Don’t overdo it’: Why Ayurveda advises against exercising too much

Just like everything else, exercising too much can also be detrimental to the body. Which is why instead of mindlessly pushing yourself, experts suggest paying attention to ones capacity and understanding ones body. As such, the Indian science of Ayurveda too recommends that people refrain from over exercising.

Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Aiswarya Santhosh took to Instagram to underline what one should keep in mind.

“Ayurveda suggests to do exercise only up to half of the strength,” she said.

Exercise has these benefits

*Improves digestion
*Relieves constipation
*Increases the digestive fire
*Improves sleep
*Makes our body light
*Eliminate toxins
*Reduces fat and kapha

“Over exercising can lead to dehydration, fatigue, breathlessness, and eventually arthritis, asthma, bleeding disorders, cough, fever, some heart diseases,” she mentioned.

According to Dr Aiswarya, “too much exercise aggravates both Vata and Pitta doshas in your body”.

What are the warning signs?

*When you can’t breathe with your nose and start breathing from the mouth
*Dryness of mouth
*When you start to sweat on forehead, nose, hand and legs

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