Do these three things to lose weight and not regain it

Many people undertake weight loss journeys and successfully manage to lose weight, too. But, they are not able to sustain this lost weight for long, gradually putting on some. So, what can be done to shed extra fat and stay that way for a long time? Consistency and a lot of discipline.

Taking to Instagram, nutritionist Azra Khan explained in a video that people need to develop healthy habits to continue to be in their ideal weight, and it includes eating clean most of the time and exercising every day.

“Weight loss is important, but not gaining the lost weight is more important. That is why always make sure the things you do to lose weight are practical and sustainable,” Khan said.

She added in the caption that it is important to “focus on building habits, [and] not reaching a number on the weighing scale”. “…because if you do take shortcuts and do crash-dieting to lose weight, the number will never sustain.”

She listed the following three healthy habits essential for permanent weight loss:

1. Be physically active: Make sure you take 7k to 8k steps every day which will help you stay in shape.

2. Work out: Make a routine for yourself and work out 4 days a week to keep your body and health in check.

3. Have a balance of healthy eating and junk food: 80 per cent of the time, eat clean and healthy, and in the remaining 20 per cent, eat what you think is junk.

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