Diet: Summer health hacks to avoid weight gain – expert advice

As we head into the warmer months, many people have been working hard to get their “summer body” ready and to feel better in themselves. But with BBQ season now underway and the sun bringing the much-loved pub garden weather everyone enjoys, some may be worried or at least aware of weight gain undoing their hard work.

But an expert nutritional therapist has shared her summer diet tips to help people keep fit and feeling good throughout the warmer weather.

London-based Tabitha Roth, encourages her clients to have a positive mindset when it comes to food, as fad diets and extreme cleanses are often people’s go-to options when it comes to wanting to lose weight fast.

But it is well known these methods are not sustainable and can often have negative effects.

Instead of restricting foods, Roth advocates for an “all food” approach to dieting.

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“Incorporating some protein with higher glucose foods can significantly reduce a spike in glucose and ultimately lead to protection against weight gain as there is a reduction in the secretion of the fat-storing hormone insulin,” she explained.

“An example of this is by having dessert at the end of a high protein meal or adding nut butter on top of your favourite chocolate bar.”

Stocking up the kitchen cupboards in the summer months might be a challenge for some, as they ponder what sort of foods to buy and what to avoid.

Roth said stocking up on simple yet good food is “incredibly important” for keeping a person’s daily food intake as nourishing and supportive as possible.

Foods she suggested that are a good example of this are:

– Tinned legumes, such as lentils and chickpeas – these can be quickly thrown into meals that are lacking a protein source

– Nuts and steel-cut oats can be quickly put together for a fibre and protein-rich breakfast or snack

– Tinned soups are good for quick meals when there is nothing else to grab

– A jar of nut butter is a good source of protein to keep my blood sugar stable when it comes to snacks and breakfast

– Store vegetables such as spinach, kale and peas in order to quickly add more nutrients to meals

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