Detroit Lions see versatile rookie Josh Paschal playing multiple roles on defensive line

One of the more interesting rookies to keep an eye on throughout the Detroit Lions offseason training program and into training camp will be second-round pick Josh Paschal. How do the Lions see him fitting into their re-vamped defensive line?

“He’s just a versatile player,” Lions general manager Brad Holmes said of Paschal after selecting him 46th overall. “I think he can play all up and down our defensive front.”

That certainly sounds like it will be the plan early on talking with defensive line coach Todd Wash recently about Paschal.

“With some of our fronts we can get him to play a five technique in base where we really didn’t have that last year,” Wash said. “We see him possibly going in to a tackle at some point, but he can definitely play a five technique. His get off and twitch is really explosive for his weight. We think we can use him as an inside rusher and we think we can use him as an end.”

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