Dec. 13 – Habersham & Effingham YMCAs become first gyms in Georgia to provide access to eGYM | Health & Hospitals

December 13, 2021 – Beginning last week, the Habersham Street YMCA in midtown Savannah was the first gym in Georgia to provide access to eGYM smart strength equipment. It will be followed in the new year by the Effingham County YMCA in Rincon.

eGYM equipment automatically syncs with the eGYM fitness app to track the user’s progress and visualize results, adjusts to personalized settings using an electronic wristband, and alters workouts based on the user’s progress so programs never stagnate and the user never over-works. The system also creates a customized program for each user based on goals for weight loss, strength training, general fitness or immunity boost, and can lower the user’s “BioAge” up to 13 years. eGYM equipment features touchscreens with an interface like a video game showing how many reps to do, at what speed, and with what range of motion. Equipment is arranged in a circuit with a timer to instruct the user on when to change machines to ensure a full workout in under 45 minutes.

eGYM’s unique Immunity Boost Training Program is of particular note—the program balances training intensity and progression to release and many protective myokines as possible without bringing the immune system into a weakened state. Each workout contains a warm-up, muscle strengthening, and a light cardio cool-down.

“The eGYM machines are incredibly easy to use, because they’re personalized to you,” says Krystal McGee, chief operations officer at the YMCA of Coastal Georgia. “You scan your free, personalized band at the start of your workout, and the machine automatically adjusts to your individual program. After your initial on-boarding with a coach, all you have to do is scan your band when you come and you’re good to go!”

Access to the eGYM circuit is included with a YMCA membership. The Habersham YMCA will be booking appointments to on-board beginning Dec. 13. The Effingham YMCA will be installing the equipment and on-boarding in February 2022.

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