Compex Redesigns its Muscle Stimulators with the Introduction of its Wired 3.0 Version for Pain Relief, Increased Strength and Fast Recovery

Each of the three kits features an assortment of programs to assist in relieving pain, increasing strength and faster recovery. The Sport Elite offers the most programs with 10; the Performanceoffers six programs; and the Edgekit has four. A description of the assortment of programs follows:

  • Endurance – Helps cope with long duration aerobic activities and increases muscle resistance to fatigue by building slow twitch muscle fibers.
  • Resistance – An all-around program for endurance and strength, building both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers.
  • Strength – Increases muscle strength with less risk of muscle-tendon injury.
  • Explosive Strength – Warms up muscles faster without psychological muscular cardiovascular fatigue.
  • Pre-Warm Up – Does not contract the muscle but increases blood flow to help oxygenate the muscles prior to a workout or competition.
  • Training Recovery / Active Recovery – Facilitates relaxation aid of muscles and helps reduce muscle soreness and stiffness following competition or demanding workouts.
  • Competition Recovery / Recovery Plus® – Does not contract the muscle. It allows fresh oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the muscles, helping to clear lactic acid and increase blood flow through low frequency twitches; good for muscles that are fatigued from delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).
  • Muscle Relaxation / Massage – Electrostimulation develops the blood capillary network of the exposed muscles. This helps improve irrigation and oxygenation.
  • Potentiation – Recommended before a workout or competition, especially for sports requiring speed and velocity. Applied briefly just before the beginning of a competition, it offers immediate, well potentiated muscle fibers and optimal level of performance.
  • Pain Relief / TENS – Helps decrease the intensity of pain and increase motion function.

Sport Elite 3.0 Muscle Stimulator with TENS Kit

Price: $349.99
Developed for: The high performance competitive athlete looking for optimal results.
Number of Programs: 10 (2 Warmup; 4 Strength; 3 Recovery; 1 TENS) – All 10 programs are listed in the aforementioned.

Performance3.0 Muscle Stimulator with TENS Kit

Price: $249.99
Developed for: The athlete who frequently competes or consistently participates in activities.
Number of  Programs:  6 (1 Warmup; 3 Strength; 1 Recovery; 1 TENS)

  • Endurance
  • Resistance
  • Strength
  • Prewarm Up
  • Training Recovery / Active Recovery
  • Pain Relief / TENS

Edge 3.0 Muscle Stimulator with TENS Kit

Price:  $199.99
Developed for: Those who are just getting started.
Number of Programs:  4 (2 Strength; 1 Recovery; 1 TENS)

  • Endurance
  • Resistance
  • Training Recovery / Active Recovery
  • Pain Relief / TENS

The compact, portable electrical stimulator features a water-resistant silicone sleeve that improves grip and protects from sweat and spills. For a faster and easier recovery, the new Compex devices feature an updated LCD display, center navigation button and integrated pad placement suggestions. A Lithium Ion battery provides up to eight hours of stimulation and can be easily recharged anywhere with the USB cable that is included.

About Compex

Compex develops leading sport performance and fitness technologies through adaptive and dynamic products that allow athletes to amplify their sport. Compex is passionately dedicated to ushering in innovations that enable athletes to increase strength, relieve pain and recover faster. A brand of the DJO Group, a global company that develops and manufactures a wide range of surgical reconstructive implant products, Compex has 30 years of expertise in physiotherapy, pain treatment and sports training. Compex’ mission is to help athletes of all levels perform better, train stronger and recover faster by using smart, connected and adaptive technologies and solutions. For more information on Compex, visit

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