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Chiquis Rivera in cachetero, until where leg loses its name | Instagram

“As far as leg loses its name”, Chiquis Rivera delighted his followers once again with a photograph in a cachetero that made her look the most beautiful on social networks. Jenni Rivera’s daughter promotes her new single called “Anyone” with this outfit.

It can be seen already on the official Instagram account of Janney Marin Rivera a preview of what would be “Anyone”, this together with a photograph that has caused hundreds of sighs in its followers.

For the image in question, the beautiful Chiquis Rivera placeholder image she chose as her outfit a small denim short shorts that were accompanied by some very natural fishnet tights that completely revealed her beautiful legs and more than this, and a shirt of considerable volume and with bright colors such as pink and with huge stars, at the most pure Cumbia Kings style.

To complement her outfit, Lorenzo Méndez’s beautiful ex used tennis shoes and white socks, a pair of pigtails, perfect makeup and sunglasses. Apparently for the photograph, Chiquis posed from a somewhat deserted place as there is little vegetation and no the one present is very green.

Something that immediately stole the attention of Internet users was not only the singer’s cheek but the pose she decided to take to be captured by the camera, on what appears to be a motorcycle and stopping her “boom boom”.

Chiquis Rivera in cachetero, until where leg loses its name. Photo: Instagram.

Chiquis detailed in the description of the publication with which he advertises his new song that “Anyone” will be available on October 29 and invited his followers to listen to the newest of his music.

The interpreter shared the image 15 hours ago and has already exceeded 97 thousand views on the famous social network. The singer’s friends and followers took advantage of the comment box to compliment her and tell her how beautiful she is.

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image has been at the forefront at all times despite the pandemic. The interpreter of Anímate y verás has not stopped producing projects at any time and that is something that her followers really admire.

Even when the situation was more complicated and forced many to be at home, Lupillo Rivera’s niece managed to bring quality content to Internet users even from home.

Chiquis surprised by doing some live shows on his social networks in which he shared physical training with experts; He also got into healthy eating by giving recipes and tips from his book on the Keto diet.

The problem that the famous woman has with the stability of her weight is not a secret, a situation that has cost her constant criticism, especially when she promotes this type of weight loss products.

Many indicated that the music star ignored her own advice as she was not seen getting thinner during the promotion of her book; however, some time later a change was observed. Whatever is said, this beautiful woman always seeks to be healthy, happy and beautiful, that is why she can constantly be seen on her social networks doing physical exercise.

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