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My belief is that predictions are always supposed to be fun. One should never lose that perspective when going through such an exercise just before the start of a new season.

Yes, the Chiefs are the clear favorites in the AFC to make another trip to the Super Bowl, their third consecutive appearance that they hope ends with a second Vince Lombardi Trophy in that span (and the franchise’s third overall). The Chiefs’ path, though, could be filled with plenty of surprises, whether the season ends in December, January or the middle of February. As we begin, most of these thoughts are based on what I observed in training camp and the preseason, and the players mentioned staying healthy throughout the season.

So, just hours before the kickoff of the Chiefs’ 2021 campaign, here are my season predictions:

The Chiefs streak of hosting the AFC Championship game will end

I’ve mentioned this before on The Athletic’s “Time’s Ours” podcast, the Chiefs, at some point, will have to face a more difficult road in the postseason. Based on the history of the NFL, the Chiefs have already accomplished a remarkable feat: They became the first AFC team to host the conference championship for three consecutive seasons. Not even the New England Patriots, led by the legendary tandem of coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady, did it.

Such a prediction doesn’t mean the Chiefs won’t advance to the Super Bowl. But a difficult schedule — facing teams such as the

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