Calais Campbell reveals his Mount Rushmore of sackable quarterbacks

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to see today’s piping-hot, fresh-outta-the-oven episode of THE RUSH with Jared Quay! We’ll let you know everything you didn’t know you needed to know about sports. Other stuff too. But mostly sports.

It’s Tuesday, July 5, 2022, and here’s what Jared’s cookin’ up with our guest, Baltimore Ravens star Calais Campbell:

  • The “Mount Rushmore” of quarterbacks he’s sacked during his NFL career

  • A breakdown of the QB talent in the AFC North

  • What life is like as the “old man” in the locker room

  • What Calais thinks his legacy will look like if he leaves the game without winning a Super Bowl

THE RUSH will be back tomorrow. Until then, stay safe and don’t forget to check out our previous episodes .

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