Bonnie Blair-Cruikshank offers tips on staying fit, coaching your kids

Bonnie Blair-Cruikshank with her daughter, Blair, who is also a speedskater.
  • Bonnie Blair-Cruikshank won five Olympic gold medals and one bronze
  • She and husband, Dave, coach their daughter in the sport
  • Blair-Cruikshank stays fit by lifting weights, cycling and yes, skating

Coaching your child can be a blessing and a curse. The disciplinary athletic message can be defused when it’s being delivered by the same person on your case to “Take out the trash,” and “Stop texting.” 

One parent-coach who doesn’t struggle with the dual responsibility is Bonnie Blair-Cruikshank, the four-time-Olympian speedskater who along with her husband, Dave, is helping to direct the speedskating progress of their daughter, Blair, 21. 

“My kids have been good at that. They grew up with us doing this, knowing we both made four Olympic teams and that Mom won a couple medals,” Blair-Cruikshank said. “They know what we accomplished brings a little credibility to what we know.” 

America’s Bonnie Blair tallied five gold medals and one bronze, setting a world record in the 500-meter race at the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary, proceeding to repeat as 500 gold medalist in the 1992 and 1994 Games. 

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