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Biocon Biologics in association with RSSDI launches diabetes care programBengaluru : Biocon Biologics, a subsidiary of Biocon Ltd in collaboration with Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) launched a comprehensive care program for Type-1 diabetes patients, termed as BRIDGE-1, to train over 400 physicians and make quality diabetes care accessible for children.

An estimated one million children and adolescents are living with Type-1 diabetes as of 2019 with the number rapidly rising every year. The organisations are thus working to identify and train over 400 physicians in different districts across the country. In addition, the company suggested working on HCPs to provide a free supply of its insulin portfolio to over 1,000 children living with Type 1 diabetes in marginalised communities, who otherwise cannot afford this therapy.

The initiative was launched at the Biocon Biologics Scientific Symposium during the 49th Annual Conference of RSSDI held to commemorate World Diabetes Day.

In an attempt to raise awareness around timely diagnosis and effective treatment of Type-1 diabetes, RSSDI teams will develop the training material and train physicians who can further provide treatment in the underserved regions. Biocon Biologics as a collaborator in this initiative will facilitate in organising events and providing educational and other diabetes awareness materials for training programs.

Talking about the initiatives taken up by Biocon to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Executive Chairperson, Biocon and Biocon Biologics, said: “As a part of the centenary celebrations of the discovery of insulin, Biocon Biologics has expanded its universal access program to address the needs of young people with Type 1 diabetes in India in collaboration with RSSDI. With the help of 400 physicians across the country, we aim to provide global quality, life saving insulins to over 1,000 children who otherwise cannot afford this therapy. Through our various access initiatives, Biocon Biologics is committed to enabling affordability, accessibility and availability of our insulins to the most underserved and vulnerable sections of the diabetes population in India,”

At the symposium, Biocon Biologics presented the clinical study data submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration based on which the Company received world’s first interchangeability approval for its biosimilar Insulin Glargine.

Biocon Biologics has further launched a series of initiatives including HCP engagement through its digital i-connect platform and face-to-face interactions, a diabetes awareness cmpaign on social media, diabetes detection camps and walkathons with participating HCPs for raising awareness on diabetes.

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