Best weightlifting gloves for grip and comfort in the gym


eightlifting can be tough on the hands and wrists – causing callouses and wrist ache if you’re not careful. Plus, losing your grip on dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells can be annoying – especially if you’re mid-set.

Sweaty hands make it harder to get a good grip, so the best weightlifting gloves should be as breathable as they are padded.  Most are fingerless so you can use your hands and fingers during a workout, but some cover the whole hand for added protection. But, if you’re a newbie to the weightlifting scene, what else should you look for in a glove?

What to look for when buying weightlifting gloves

The first and most important thing you need to check when buying weightlifting gloves are whether they fit correctly, says David Wiener, training and nutrition specialist at Freeletics as this can ‘impact the grip and comfort levels’.

“If they are too tight, they can restrict your range of movement, and if they are too loose they could slip off your hands, which can be incredibly dangerous.”

But, should you opt for fingerless gloves or styles that cover the whole hand? David reveals: “Most weightlifting gloves are designed with no fingers, which ensures you can grip the bars properly. If you have gloves which cover your whole hand, it can make your hand stiff and slippery and not be able to grip the weights properly.”

But, he goes on to say that it depends on the material of the glove. “Leather will always be the top choice for both durability and grip, but having breathable holes is also vital so you are not sweating more than you need to.

“Cotton is also a durable and breathable material. When the cotton is well-made and padded, the gloves can not only provide ventilation for your hands but comfort and protection too.

Padding in weightlifting gloves is really important, says David, as it keeps your hands safe.

“The padding should be on the inside of the glove (the part that grips the weight), as it creates a barrier between your hands and the weight. It is recommended that padding should be made out of gel and foam materials, as this provides the maximum cushion and protection for your hands when lifting.”

Not sure what weightlifting gloves to buy? We take a look at the best for men and women below

Decathlon women’s ventilated weight training gloves


These gloves, which come in grey and a wine red, are designed especially for women’s hands – with lighter and more protective materials.

The ventilated knit formula means your hands will stay fresh, even after a heavy sequence of barbell reps. Fingerless for more comfort the palms have extra padding and a grooved grip structure to make sure you don’t drop the ball (or dumbbells) when it comes to your workout. Instead of a strap, the wrist support is an elasticated band – which allows the gloves to slip on easily.

At under £10 they’re a great bargain for your next workout.

Nike Elevated men’s training gloves


If you want to splash out on a pair of weightlifting gloves that will stand the test of time (and those heavy weights) these leather and breathable mesh pair from Nike are a worthy choice.

The leather palms provide durability while the foam padding is also set in key areas to help cushion your palms when you need it the most. Covering the front of your hand is a breathable mesh material, which will allow for airflow, along with the fingerless design. The adjustable wrist strap will also make you feel secure – whatever your workout may be that day.

MP Full Coverage Lifting Gloves 


If you’re looking to protect the whole hand these unisex gloves provide full coverage for when you’re performing those deadlifts. The slip-on gloves have a velcro fastening at the wrist for extra support and padded palms to allow for grip and comfort when lifting heavy weights at the gym. They also have small airholes on the fingers and middle of the hands, which means they’ll be well ventilated and you won’t end up with sweaty palms after your weights session.

Gymshark Legacy Lifting gloves


These stylish, yet practical fingerless weightlifting gloves are made with heavy reps in mind. The front of the gloves are made with a breathable mesh, to stop the hands from sweating, while the wrist cuff has a velcro fastening to allow for more support when dealing with heavier weights or awkward moves with the barbell.

The best part of these gloves is the padding, with emphasis over the main parts of the palm where you’re likely to need it the most – allowing for more comfort, and hopefully a more successful workout.

Lululemon Push the Limit training gloves


You really can push your workout with these gloves, as the palm faced padding gives you extra support when dealing with heavier weights. The fingerless gloves also have wrap-around wrist straps for extra support, if you’re worried about the flexibility of your wrists.

Easy to pull on and off, they have a well-designed opening on the front of the hand to allow for breathability.

Under Armour Women’s Light Training Gloves

Under Armour

A great offering from Under Armour, with a leather palm, which helps with grip and stability, especially as you start to sweat. The small perforations in the palms will also help with breathability as you make it through your weights based workout.

The black fingerless gloves also have a very handy terry cloth thumb panel – allowing you to wipe away sweat from your face, without getting it on the rest of your gloves. Their elastic wrist band, built into the gloves, also makes them a good fit.

RDX Weight Lifting full finger gym gloves


With a lycra fabric material, the black and blue designed gloves, are comfortable but stretchy – giving you a sweat-free option for the gym. The suede leather palms with leather finger webbing are perfect for protecting fingers from barbells or heavy dumbbells – because, who wants to chafe from their workout?

If you’re a fitness fanatic – the closed finger design also means they’re perfect for climbing or riding. Finished off with velcro fastening they secure tightly around the wrist – meaning they won’t fall off mid exercise. Perfect.

Under Armour Men’s Project Rock Training Glove

Under Armour

Approved by the one and only Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, these fingerless gloves will inspire you just by slipping them on.

With a premium leather-based palm your grip will be spot on as you make your way through a tough weights-based workout. The breathable spandex fabric allows for quick movements – stretching to adjust to your needs.

The thumb also acts as a sweat swatter, while the long adjustable strap means you can tighten or lossen it as you need to.

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