Best pelvic floor trainers to strengthen your pelvic floor

The best pelvic floor trainers will help you keep your pelvic floor happy and healthy. We asked the experts for their top recommendations and put them to test to bring you this round-up of the pelvic floor trainers worth investing in. 

One in three women will experience pelvic floor issues in their lifetime, according to women’s health experts Elvie—this is why incorporating kegel exercises into your daily routine is important. The benefits of kegel exercises are endless, from a strong pelvic floor to reduced risk of incontinence and better orgasms. Despite this, research by INNOVO found 50% of women are unable to do manual kegels correctly. “Many of my patients told me that kegels didn’t work for them and when I used ultrasound imaging to look inside to see what strategies these women were using, it became apparent that they were not actually performing kegel exercises,” says Dr Ruth Maher, co-inventor of INNOVO. “Many were contracting other muscles or performing a ‘bearing down’ maneuver that, if done chronically, can worsen the condition and may lead to pelvic organ prolapse.“ 

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