Best Kangen Water Machines For Your Home

You might have caught on a bit to the alkaline water trend, and all of its purported benefits. Some claim that alkaline water has anti-aging effects, while others might tell you that it can balance out your body’s pH levels, fight free radicals, and even prevent common ailments.

On top of that, some even insist that alkaline water tastes better, and makes a superior cup of coffee.

First, let’s define what alkaline water is, and how it came to be.

When we call something “alkaline,” we’re referring to its pH level, and pH measures the acidity in matter. The pH scale measures from 0 to 14, 0 being the most acidic, and 14 being the most alkaline.

Alkaline water has a higher pH value than your typical drinking water—while your average glass of H20 is typically around 7, alkaline water has a pH value of 8- 9 or higher, and some believe that this allows it to help neutralize acid in our bodies.

But before we dive deeper into the potential benefits of alkaline water, let’s take a look at some of the market’s most sought-after & beloved Kangen water machines and other water ionizers being shipped to homes across the country.

  • Price: $2,995.00- Purchase Here!
  • Key Features:
  • 9 titanium/platinum electrodes
  • Advanced UltraWater filtration
  • AutoAdjust Optimizer & SmartSwitch
  • Sleek, smart design

The AlkaViva 9-Plate Vesta H2 Water Ionizer is one of the most effective on the market, especially when it comes to producing water that’s rich in the hydrogen antioxidants known as H2.

H2 water ionizers are unique in that they convert AC power to DC through a proprietary process. This process excites the water, causing a surge in H2 antioxidants. And with 9 titanium plates, this machine offers durability as well as efficiency.

And with Advanced UltraWater Filtration and hard water protection, scale build up becomes much less of a pain in your daily life.

This is because minerals like calcium can’t attach to the electrodes, especially when they’re switching on and off so quickly and pulsing with differing widths. With this constant pulsing, minerals are unable to form a stable attachment to the machine’s surface.

But this ionizer is more than brawn, it’s got brains, too. Or at least it’s got the next best thing: AlkaViva’s trademark AutoAdjust Optimizer.

This state-of-the-art optimizer performs an impressive range of tasks, especially when it comes to adjusting the ionizing power as needed and performing regular self-cleaning. And with the industry’s most up-to-date version of Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) technology and its advanced self-diagnostic feature, the Vesta can be incredibly effective for your wallet and your water supply.

And with its modern, sleek design, this machine will fit seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. Click Here To Read More Or Purchase!

  • Price: $2,395.00 – Purchase Here!
  • Key Features:
  • 12 platinum-coated plates
  • Versatile
  • Continuous self-cleaning
  • ECA-enabled

Whether you want the cleanest, purest drinking water or a powerful natural disinfectant, Ionia’s 12 Plate Super Sanitizing Water Ionizer offers the best in both power and versatility.

This ionizer uses a 2-cell system, which features two water cells working synergistically with the help of 12 platinum-coated plates. And while this many plates would over-encumber most machines, these plates work in perfect harmony to create the power of two water ionizers, but somehow better.

This sanitizing water ionizer is especially beloved for its versatility. While it’s popular for great-tasting drinking water, it also produces some of the best water for coffee, cooking, watering plants, and bathing in.

And with a simple injection of some saline solution (done at the flip of a lever), you can instantly create hypochlorous acid, which is a powerful, natural disinfectant that’s known as electro-chemically activated (ECA) acidic water. The amount you’ll save on home disinfectants alone will be enough to pay this machine off (in due time).

This ionizer also features a smart, robust filtration system. These high-tech filters use a .01 micron filtration, which frees up any pathogens in the water. On top of that, these filters are

only used when you are using the regular ionized water, so your filters last longer. Click Here To Read More Or Purchase!

  • Price: $2,395.00 – Purchase Here!
  • Key Features:
  • Max durability
  • 5 alkaline settings
  • Continuous self-cleaning
  • Hydrogen antioxidants generator

If you’re looking for a water ionizer that’s heavy duty in every sense of the word, look no further than AlkaViva’s Athena H2 Water Ionizer.

Despite its sleek appearance and compact fit, this ionizer is so durable, it’s the only one on this list that we’d recommend for under sink installation. Plus, they offer a lifetime warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.

As another one of AlkaViva’s top-of-the-line H2 ionizer, Athena creates an antioxidant production powerhouse with the aid of seven high-grade, pure platinum coated titanium plates to produce the highest concentration of H2 antioxidants and best negative ORP per unit, blowing all other ionizers out of the water (no pun intended).

Athena also offers not one, not two, but five different alkaline settings, and all of which produce consumable ionized water. And with AlkaViva’s classic AutoAdjust feature, this intelligent machine knows exactly how much power to exert for your water source, so you can rest easy over the energy bill. And with its Real-Time Flow Control setting, you can set and forget your power settings and flow-control. And with its continuous self-cleaning, high-grade filter and Micom, this tiny-but-mighty machine requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. Click Here To Read More Or Purchase!

  • Price: $1,595.00 – Purchase Here
  • Key Features:
  • SmartDesign electrodes
  • Lifetime warranty for ALL parts
  • AutoAdjust Optimizer & SmartSwitch
  • Next Generation SMPS
  • Filter usage display & voice connect

As the revamp of the classic JP104 water ionizer, AlkaViva’s Melody II Water Ionizer is stronger, sturdier, and more efficient than ever before. With new & improved water cell strength, optimized continuous cleaning and newly advanced Smart Design electrodes, Melody II is just as intuitive as its predecessor, and even more efficient.

This ionizer uses 5-plate electro-coated platinum for excellent ionization, plus it offers five levels of alkaline water as well as two levels of acidic water, allowing users more flexibility than ever before.

And as with the rest of AlkaViva’s H2 series, Melody II features AutoAdjust with Next Generation SMPS for easy fine-tuning, but its smart system lets you keep the manual maintenance to minimal. With an easy to read filter usage display, Real-Time Flow Control system, and voice confirmation setting, you can feel in charge of your water supply without losing your mind in the upkeep.

And true to the durability of these machines, the Melody II comes with a lifetime warranty for ALL of its parts, including the plates. Click Here To Read More Or Purchase!

  • Price: $995.00 – Purchase Here!
  • Key Features:
  • Great bargain
  • Easy installation
  • Simple controls
  • Several different settings

The Nexus X-Blue Water Ionizer is more than a great bargain; this tiny-but-mighty machine is a true competitor with the rest of these ionizers, especially when it comes to efficiency and usability.

This compact ionizer offers some of the easiest installation around: mount it onto your counter or hook it onto your sink. And with its simple one-touch button controls, it’s exceptionally straightforward to use. Plus, each Nexus Ionizer comes with a free pH kit so you can monitor the changes in your water directly.

With 5 large platinum/titanium coated electrodes and a self-diagnostic system, the Blue Water ionizer processes water at 4 different alkaline settings, 4 different acidic levels, and offers a single “pure” option for some of the best-tasting water around.

And this is also attributed to the system’s filter, which keeps out contaminants while letting in flavor-enhancing minerals. These filters are replaceable and guarantee to last 1,000 gallons. And when it’s spent, the machine lets you know with its filter indicator.

Whether you’re dipping your toes into ionizers, renting, or simply looking for the budget option, the Nexus X Blue Water Ionizer is truly tough to beat. Click Here To Read More Or Purchase!

Do Kangen Water Machines Really Work?

Needless to say, alkaline water machines have been received with some controversy.

Some healthcare experts are adamant that there isn’t enough research to confirm whether the health claims made by sellers are correct, and in some studies, there’s been a variation in results.

But while there’s currently not enough data to show that alkaline water is the superior choice, it may be helpful to those with specific ailments.

For instance, one 2012 study found that drinking carbonated water with a pH of 8.8 might be effective in neutralizing pepsin, which is the enzyme known for causing acid reflux.

Meanwhile, a more recent study which observed 100 patients found that most experienced a considerable drop in blood viscosity when they drank alkaline water after a rigorous workout. This decrease allowed blood to flow more efficiently, and oxygen delivery was delivered throughout the body more efficiently.

And in another study, it was even suggested that drinking alkaline ionized water may pose benefits for those with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

But all that being said, the research is ultimately still quite limited. Nonetheless, proponents of alkaline water are vocal about anecdotal benefits, including anti-aging properties, detoxing properties, immune support, better hydration, and faster, more effective weight loss.


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