Bellator 282 Odds and Predictions

Bellator Fri Jun 24 Betting Predictions


Bellator 282 odds are posted and looking lucrative for this fourteen bout card. We’re doing a detailed rundown of each fight, including some Bellator 282 betting odds for prop bets with overlooked chances of success. 

How to Watch and Bet on Bellator 282

Bellator 282 airs on Showtime and the prelim fights can be seen on Youtube, June 24th, 2022 starting at 6:00 PM ET. You can bet on Bellator 282 by clicking any of our ‘place bet’ buttons below each fight, linking you to one of the top Bellator and UFC betting sites

Bellator 282 Predictions

Here are the Bellator 282 odds for our picks on each of the fourteen bouts. 

  • Mousasi vs Eblen: Over 1 ½ Rounds at -270
  • Logan vs Nallo: Fight Goes to Decision, No at -150
  • Higo vs Sabatello: Sabatello Money Line at -600
  • Magomedov vs Barzola: Over ½ Rounds at -620
  • Soto vs Brennan: Brennan Money Line at -500
  • Mota vs Moret: Killys Mota Money Line +120
  • Gonzalez vs Law: Law Money Line at -800 
  • Zingano vs Sorenson: Zingano Money Line -275
  • Shabliy vs Primus: Shabliy Money Line at -220
  • Abdullah vs Tokov: Tokov Money Line at -650 
  • Joanne vs Lara: Joanne Money Line at +170 
  • Aguiar vs Jefferey: Jefferey Money Line at -162
  • Homasi vs Mendonca: Homasi Money Line at -170
  • Kayne vs Ward: Fight Goes to Decision, No Prop at -230


Gregard Mousasi -300 vs Johnny Eblen +225

The champion is back to defend his title after showing up as a similar favorite over Austin Vanderford in February. Mousasi’s recent win brought his winning streak to four, including back to back TKO finishes. 

Eblen’s Rise to Contention

Eblen is undefeated with seven Bellator wins including two finishes. His wrestling base has brought on some boring fights, but his ability to clutch a decision over top talent is undeniable. 

Eblen vs Mousasi Over Under Betting Odds Table 

Bet Available at Bovada Over, Yes Odds Under, No Odds 
1.5 Rounds -270 +180
2.5 Rounds -140 EVEN
3.5 Rounds -105 -135
4.5 Rounds  +125 -165
Will the Fight Go the Distance  +137 -180

Given Eblen’s history of taking fights to deep water, it’s surprising to see the Over bets so low. Eblen has six career first round finishes, but against talented fighters he ends up going the distance time and again. 

Mousasi’s Game Against Grapplers

Gregard’s last loss was to Rafael Lovato Jr, a grappler that held him down for a five round majority decision win. In his recent third and first round finishes, both fighters engaged with him quickly. I see Eblen being tentative to force cage work, and to look to pick his shots carefully. Mousasi is head and shoulders above his competition to date. 

Method of Victory Betting Odds for Mousasi vs Eblen 

Fighter  Gregard Mousasi  Johnny Eblen 
TKO  +125 +600
Submission  +600 +1500
Points (Decision)  +250 +500
Money Line  -275 +210
Draw  +6600 +6600

Method of victory props are fairly consistent with Eblen’s Bellator performances. He’s never scored a submission or gone for one in Bellator. His TKO to decision ratio is 2:5 at Bellator. 

Gregard Mousasi has more methods to finish, and more standing TKO’s in his career. 

Mousasi vs Eblen Tale of the Tape 

Fighter Gregard ‘The Dreamcatcher’ Mousasi  Johnny ‘Diamond Hands’ Eblen 
Age 36 30
Height 6’2’’ 6’3’’
Reach/Stance 76’’ 74’’
Record 49-7-2 11-0
Submissions/TKO  12/28 1/5
Fighter Training Camp Red Devil International,  Jurojin, Kops Gym   American Top Team 

The difference in finishing stats is striking. Eblen is new to the sport and rising up in ranks fast. His two inch reach disadvantage isn’t ideal against the looping but accurate hands of Gregard. Age has to be a factor for Mousasi, giving up six years to Eblen. In spite of that, his win over Austin was the fastest TKO of his career. 

Betting Predictions for Mousasi vs Eblen

Eblen is a gamer and rising star out of one of the best MMA schools in the nation. We think he fares better than Vanderford and will show up with a superior gameplan that tests the conditioning of the champ. With that in mind, we’re betting the Over 1 ½ Rounds prop bet. It’s not that Eblen will win, in fact he could lose at any moment. The over is a great bet offering nearly the money line of Mousasi while giving us insurance on Eblen’s upset. 


Other Top Bets

The Mousasi money line and Mousasi TKO betting prop are great choices, with the Bellator 282 prop odds paying out $125 per $100 wagered. Go with those if our Over bet is too safe for your ticket. 

Bryce Logan +176 vs Mandel Nallo -225

This prelim bout was added to the odds on fight week! Logan is coming off two bellator decision losses as the favorite after upsetting Jacob Rosales as a +170. Nallo is 1-2 over his last three fights. Nallo has never gone to a decision and is nearly always the favorite despite multiple losses. 

Logan vs Nallo Over Under Betting Odds Table 

Bet Available at Bovada Over, Yes Odds Under, No Odds 
2.5 -110 -130
Will the Fight Go the Distance  +110 -150

Nallo loves to push the pace. Eleven fights with no decision is quite the feat. Logan is completely contrasting, going the distance eleven times in seventeen fights. 

Logan vs Nallo Tale of the Tape 

Fighter Bryce Logan  Mandel ‘Rat Garbage’ Nallo 
Age 32 32
Height 5’9’’ 6’0’’
Reach/Stance 70’’ 75’’
Record 12-6 8-2, 1NC
Submissions/TKO  2/2 4/4
Fighter Training Camp Fight Ready  Tristar 

Both fighters are from highly reputable camps. Logan is a bit small for the 155 lbs division and has the frame of a featherweight or even a bantamweight. I see Nallo enjoying that reach advantage to force stand up exchanges. Logan has been finished three times in his career to Nallo’s two TKO losses. 

Betting pick for Logan vs Nallo

It’s our belief that either man has a solid chance of knocking the other out. Defensive striking is neither fighter’s strong suit and Bellator knows it- that’s why they put them as the opening fight. Our Bellator 282 prediction is ‘Fight Goes to Decision, No’ at -150. The Bellator 282 odds for this fight payout at $66.67 per $100 wagered. 


Leandro Higo +385 vs Danny Sabatello -600

Sabatillo upset Brett Johns as a +220 in his last Bellator showing,and has a seven fight winning streak ranging from -333 to -565. Higo has been the underdog for five fights running, winning his last three. You may recognize HIgo from the semi-finals of TUF Brazil season 4. 

Higo vs Sabatello Over Under Betting Odds Table 

Bet Available at Bovada Over, Yes Odds Under, No Odds 
1.5 Rounds -310 +205
2.5 Rounds -165 +125
3.5 Rounds -120 -120
4.5 Rounds  -105 -135
Will the Fight Go the Distance  +110 -150

Five round fights are new territory for both men, which is why the going the distance odds pay so well. Sabatello has seen four decisions in a row from DWCS 2020 and two Bellator level fights. This fight is a bantamweight title contention bout, and Higo is among the most proven fighters Sabatello has faced. However, Higo has been finished four times in the first round, making the over a scary bet. 

Method of Victory Betting Odds for Higo vs Sabatello 

Fighter  Leandro Higo  Danny Sabatello
TKO  +2000 +305
Submission  +750 +250
Points (Decision)  +700 +140
Money Line  +385 -600
Draw  +6600 +6600

The Sabatello money line pays well enough at $0.15 per dollar wager. His career submissions have been three times in the first round, but so has Higo against equally difficult fighters. I think his submission prop is undervalued and a very possible finish if you’re looking for a hail mary. 

Higo vs Sabatello Tale of the Tape 

Fighter Leandro Pitbull Higo  Danny ‘The Italian Gangster’ Sabatello 
Age 33 29
Height 5’8’’ 5’10’’
Reach/Stance 70.5 69.5’’
Record 21-5 12-1
Career Submissions, TKO  12, 3 4, 3
Fighter Training Camp Pitbull Brothers  American Top Team 

Higo has fought a slew of lower quality fighters. Danny is the younger fighter with a larger frame. His one loss was a knockout in Titan FC to title holder Irwin Rivera, who went on to go 1-2 in the UFC at featherweight. 

Betting Predictions for Higo vs Sabatello 

Higo will struggle against the grappling and height of Sabtello. Sabatello’s win over Hugo gave him his first loss, ever and Victor Hugo was considered the perfect submission wrestler for the bantamweight division. Sabatello is a -600, $15 per $100 wager bet. 


Upset Predictions

If you think Higo gets the job done, it will have to be a finish. Look to the under prop bet for your top pay out at -110. 

Enrique Barzola +130 vs Magomed Magomedov -170

The Bantamweight title contention tournament has another fight at Bellator 282. Magomedov has been the favorite in all fights on record including his loss to Raufeon Stots at -365. Barzola survived in UFC but is undefeated in Bellator, winning at -105 and -162. His last loss was as a +170 to Movsar Evloev. 

Barzola vs Magomedov Over Under Betting Odds Table 

Bet Available at Bovada Over, Yes Odds Under, No Odds 
1.5 Rounds -650 +375
2.5 Rounds -400 +250
3.5 Rounds -310 +205
4.5 Rounds  -300 +200
Will the Fight Go the Distance  -250 +172

Magomedov has three decisions and three finishes over his last six. He lost via decision to Petr Yan in the toughest fight of his career to date in 2017. Stots also won a definitive decision, but Barzola has the grappling efficiency of neither man. 

Eleven of Barzolas last twelve fights ended in a decision. 

Method of Victory Betting Odds for Magomedov vs Barzola 

Fighter  Magomed Magomedov  Enrique Barzola 
TKO  +1000 +500
Submission  +600 +2200
Points (Decision)  +120 +195
Money Line  -162 +132
Draw  +6600 +6600

Barzola by points is the top bet for Barzola fans. If he can win, he’ll do it in a hard fought battle. Magomedov’s money line is the right bet, given he’s just as likely to win a decision as to catch the submission. 

Barzola has the superior TKO prop, but has only one TKO at a competitive level, and most of his knockouts come from seven or more years ago. 

Magomedov vs Barzola Tale of the Tape 

Fighter Magomed ‘Tiger’ Magomedov  Enrique ‘El Puerte’ Barzola 
Age 30 33
Height 5’7’’ 5’7’’
Reach/Stance 69’’ 70’’
Record 18-2 18-5-2
Career Submissions, TKO  8, 4 4,6 
Fighter Training Camp DagFigther American Kickboxing Academy

These fighters show nearly even stats. Barzola’s recent losses are to high quality UFC athletes. AKA is perhaps one of the better American gyms to deal with a Dagestani style fighter and grappler. The Bellator 282 odds show Barzola at a 43% chance of victory, but it’s much closer to 50/50 given their comparative levels of competition. 

Betting Prediction for Magomedov vs Barzola

Our Top pick is the Over 1.5 Rounds at -650. Neither man has lost by the other’s preferred method of victory, so this is an easy long fight. 

More Lucrative Magomedov vs Barzola Bets 

 The Money line for Magomedov at -162 is the safer bet. Barzola is a good value, but he’s fumbled to fighters like Kevin Aguilar and he’s taken far more damage over the course of his career. I see Magomedov out grappling and winning a narrow decision. 


Johnny Soto +335 vs Lucas Brennan -500

Soto is the underdog for the second time in his career after upsetting Weber Almeida only to lose as the favorite in his last Bellator showing. Brennan is undefeated with five finishes, fighting only for Bellator as a pro. No Prop odds are available for this prelim fight

Soto vs Brennan Tale of the Tape 

Fighter Johnny ‘The Phantom’ Soto  Lucas ‘Skywalker’ Brennan
Age 29 22
Height 5’9’’  5’10’’
Reach/Stance 70’’ 71’’
Record 4-2 6-0
Career Submissions, TKO  2, 1 4, 1
Fighter Training Camp North County MMA  Next Generation MMA World HQ

Brennan is the larger framed featherweight. He was an undefeated amatuer as well. By contrast, Soto was finished by a body shot in his opening pro fight and his recent decision loss was to 5-3 Adil Benjiiany. 

Comparing Fighter Camps

Next Gen MMA is home to dozens of young fighters cross training with multiple camps. North County has no major athletes to speak of and a small BJJ program. Johnny is a blue belt at North County, while Brennan is a Jiu Jitsu black belt. The grappling of both camps and athletes is the biggest gap between Soto and Brennan. 

Betting Predictions for Soto vs Brennan

Fight tape shows Brennan to be the more accurate striker and the superior grappler. Many of Soto’s wins rely on getting top position for ground strikes, something I think he’ll fail to do effectively here. Bet Brennan at -500 for a nice parlay ticket addition or $20 per $100 wagered payout. 


Killys Mota +120 vs Dan Moret -155

Mota has been the underdog for his last two fights, losing both at +170 and +105. Moret is coming off an underdog loss at +100 after an upset of Goiti Yamauchi at +380. Both men have had a rocky high level career, though Moret has had the misfortune of fighting more high level fighters. 

Mota vs Moret Money Line Odds Table 

Fighter  Mota Moret
Money Line Odds  +120 -155
Chance of Win % 45.5%  60.8%
Winnings Per $100 Wagered $120  $64.52

Moret is a slightly better fighter, and we agree. Mota was fine in local Brazilian MMA, but has struggled to do much of any damage at the higher levels. His best wins are over Mandel Nallo, and Bobby Lee; both unproven rising athletes. 

Mota vs Moret Tale of the Tape 

Fighter Killys Mota  Dan ‘The Hitman’ Moret
Age 31 35
Height 5’11’’ 6’0’’
Reach/Stance 71’’ 72’’
Record 12-3 15-7
Career Submissions, TKO  4, 4 7, 1
Fighter Training Camp Teixeira MMA  Fight Ready 

The Hitman has a worse overall finishing ratio. He’s got the slightly larger frame, but gives up age to Mota. Mota has lost by knockout twice, but never by submission, Moret’s preferred method of winning. However, Moret has seen two knockout losses over his last ten bouts. 

Betting Predictions for Mota vs Moret

Moret is a fantastic grappler but his age is starting to show. Mota is still developing, but I think his time at Teixeira MMA makes him too versed in BJJ to submit. Moret will struggle more with the looping hooks of Mota than he’ld like to admit. I see a tough fight, but I’m betting a small amount on the underdog, Killys Mota. 

James Gonzalez +460 vs Cody Law -800

Law has ranged from -345 to -5000 in his undefeated career. Gonzales has lost two of his last four, but holds wins over Pat Sabatini of the UFC and former CFFC champion Jeff Lentz. 

Gonzalez vs Law Money Line Odds Table 

Fighter  Gonzalez Law
Money Line Odds  +460 -800
Chance of Win % 17.9% 88.9%
Winnings Per $100 Wagered $460 $12.50

Law is a serious favorite, finsiing five of his six pro bouts by submission or TKO. 

Gonzalez v Law Tale of the Tape 

Fighter James ‘The Alley Cat’ Gonzalez  Cody Law
Age 31 27
Height 5’9’’ 5’9’’
Reach  NA 68’’
Record 8-5 6-0
Career Submissions, TKO  3, 1 1, 4
Fighter Training Camp Longo-Law-Weidman MMA  Mat Factory Wrestling, American Top Team 

Cody is at two of the nations top schools for grapplers, while Gonzalez is working under the king of upsets, Matt Serra. Law has faced better strikers and grapplers than James and beat them with ease, four in the very first round. 

Betting Prediction for Gonzalez vs Law

The Bellator 282 odds are being generous with this fight. Law could be a -2000 and I wouldn’t bat an eye. Stylistically, he’s everything that beats Gonzalez- a fast starter with solid conditioning. Bet Law at -800. 


Pam Sorenson +210 vs Cat Zingano -275

Zingano is a two fight winning streak as a Bellator favorite. She struggled in the UFC, losing to the who’s who of the 135/145 division, but defeating Amanda Nunes back in 2014 as a -210. Sorenson lost her last bout to Blencowe at +315, ending a two fight winning streak as a minor favorite. She has wins over Jessica-Rose Clark and former UFC champion Nicco Montano. 

Sorenson vs Zingano Money Line Odds Table 

Fighter  Pam Sorenson  Cat Zingano 
Money Line Odds  +210 -275
Chance of Win % 32.2% 73.3%
Winnings Per $100 Wagered $210 $36.36

Zingano wins this fight three of every four times, according to oddsmakers. I think Zingano is a steal on this one. 

Zingano vs Sorenson Tale of the Tape 

Fighter ‘Alpha’ Cat Zingano  Pamela ‘Bam’ Sorenson 
Age 39 36
Height 5’6’’ 5’7’’
Reach/Stance 70’’ Switch 65’’, Orthodox 
Record 12-4 9-4
Career Submissions, TKO  4, 5 1, 1
Fighter Training Camp Zingano BJJ The Cellar 

Zingano’s finishing skill in grappling and TKOs make her terrifying for Bam. She also boasts a five inch reach and is one of the only true 145 lbs womens’ athletes. 

An unfortunate toe to the eye ends Cat’s UFC career.

Betting Pick for Zingano vs Sorenson

Without a doubt, pick the easy winner in Cat Zingano. Don’t let age fool you, many women’s MMA athletes need time to develop. Take her -275 as easy money. 

Brent Primus +160 vs Alexander Shablily -205

Primus is 3-2 over his last five, upsetting Benson Henderson in late 2021. He now faces Shabliy, a young fighter on a six fight winning streak that includes two Bellator contenders. 

Method of Victory Betting Odds for Primus vs Shabliy

Fighter  Brent Primus  Alexander Shabliy 
TKO  +1400 +350
Submission  +550 +2000
Points (Decision)  +300 EVEN
Money Line  +166 -220
Draw  +6600 +6600

Shabliy gives Primus only one category, submission. In spite of that, Shabliy has multiple heel hook submissions in his career- but has shown only knockout striking in his recent finishes. 

Shabliy vs Primus Tale of the Tape

Fighter Alexander ‘Peresvet’ Shabliy  Brent Primus
Age 29 37
Height 5’9’’ 5’10’’
Reach/Stance 70’’ Orthodox  73’’ 
Record 21-3 11-2
Career Submissions, TKO  7, 10 6, 2
Fighter Training Camp Peresvet FT  Team Oyama 

Alexander has had the more extensive and active career, outpacing the man eight years his senior. Primus has an advantage in frame, but in no other categories. 

Shabliy vs Primus Betting Pick

The Bellator 282 odds show Shabliy as a risk for getting submitted but I don’t see it. I think the Dagestani style grappling of Shabliy is underestimated, and his money line bet at -220 is a great payout for a contender against an aging star. 

Muhammad Abdullah +400 vs Anatoly Tokov -650

Tokov is one of the many prodigies to come out of Emilianko’s MMA camp. He’s on a six fight winning streak as the favorite in each.  Abdullah is a talented puncher but lacks the majority of other fight elements, losing by submission multiple times in his career. 

Method of Victory Betting Odds for Abdullah vs Tokov 

Fighter  Adbullah  Anatoly Tokov
TKO  +900 +140
Submission  +3000 +225
Points (Decision)  +700 +285
Money Line  +400 -650
Draw  +6600 +6600

The Tokov by submission prop is our top prop bet, though it’s a risky move. Tokov has finished two of his last six by submission, but can beat Abdullah in many ways. 

Adbullah vs Tokov Tale of the Tape

Fighter Muhammad Abdullah Anatoly Tokov 
Age 36 32
Height 6’1’’ 5’10’’
Reach NA  73’’
Record 11-5 30-3
Submissions/TKO  0, 2 7, 16
Fighter Training Camp Vision MMA  Stary Oskol 

Tokov comes in smaller than Abdullah, but exceeds him in camp, experience, and youth. 

If the plan is to knock Tokov out, he better bring improved striking.

Betting Pick for Abdullah vs Tokov

Bet Tokov for an easy win. His -650 moneyline presents a 70% chance of winning, but we see it closer to 90%. 

Ilara Joanne +160 vs Alejandra Lara -210

Joanne has gone on to lose two in bouts with former champion Kana Wantanabe and Contender Vanessa Proto. She faces Lara, the most recent fighter to go the distance with Wantanabe. 

Method of Victory Betting Odds for Joanne vs Lara 

Fighter  Alejandra Lara  Ilara Joanne 
TKO  +400 +1400
Submission  +1000 +800
Points (Decision)  Even  +275
Money Line  -210 +170
Draw  +6600 +6600

Lara beats Joanne in every category but submission work. I would argue that Ilara has the better wrestling overall, and that could lead to a decision win. 

Joanne vs Lara Tale of the Tape

Fighter Ilara ‘Arya Stark’ Joanne  Alejandra ‘Azul’ Lara
Age 28 27
Height 5’3’’ 5’7’’
Reach 64’’ 69’’ 
Record 9-6 9-5
Career Submissions, TKO  3,4  3, 4
Fighter Training Camp Pitbull Brothers  Combat training Club 

Lara is lanky for a flyweight. Her striking style will have her punching down at Joanne, who’s small for the weight class. Lara lost by submission only once in her career after taking down Ilima-lei Macfarlane in 2018. 

Betting Pick for Joanne vs Lara

Our betting pick is the underdog Ilara Joanne. Lara’s hype train doesn’t include many major wins at women’s flyweight. Ilara’s groundwork is light years above Lara’s and I think we’ll see a submission win. Bet Joanne at +170. 

Fabio Aguiar +130 vs Aaron Jefferey -170 

Jeffrey has beaten LFA and Combat Zone champions, recently losing to UFC fighter Caio Borralho at DWCS. He’s only lost to UFC alumni, including Sean Brady and Brendan Allen. Aguiar is a powerful middleweight with losses to UFCs Bruno Silva and Bellator’s Khalid Murtazaliev, both via decision. 

Method of Victory Betting Odds for Jefferey vs Aguiar

Fighter  Aaron Jeffrey Fabio Aguiar
TKO  +350 +550
Submission  +800 +1200
Points (Decision)  +145 +275
Money Line  -165 +132
Draw  +6600 +6600

Jeffrey has bested higher quality opponents using all categories of winning. Aguiar has shown little to no submission skill at the highest level, with five finishes against local fighters. 

Aguiar vs Jeffrey Tale of the Tape

Fighter Fabio Aguiar  Aaron Jeffery
Age 34 29
Height 6’0’’ 6’2’’
Reach 72’’  73’’
Record 18-2 11-3
Career Submissions, TKO  5, 9 1,7
Fighter Training Camp NA Para Bellum, Niagara Top Team

Jeffery’s recent camp switch places him multiple LFA and Bellator level fighters. He’s continued to improve despite rising to power fairly quickly. Aguiar has seen two finishes in four fights. 

Betting Pick for Aguiar vs Jefferey

Jefferey is the faster improving fighter, with  better training camp and a better record over quality fighters. Over 75% of Aguiar’s wins are over losing record fighters or debuting fighters. 
Bet Jefferey at -165, with winnings of $61.67 per $100 wagered. 

Maycon Mendonca +125 vs Sabah Homasi -165

Sabah has lost twice to top Bellator fighters including Paul Daley and Andrey Koreshkov. He went 0-3 in his UFC run, but has smashed all fighters outside that caliber including Bobby Voelker. Mendonca just lost a fight that ended a five fight winning streak. He’s fumbled wins against lower ranked LFA opponent’s multiple times. 

Method of Victory Betting Odds for Homasi vs Mendonca 

Fighter  Sabah Homasi Maycon Mendonca
TKO  +175 +600
Submission  +850 +500
Points (Decision)  +305 +350
Money Line  -170 +132
Draw  +6600 +6600

Homasi wins in all categories except submission, where Mendonca is the clearly better grappler. 
Sabah has been submitted twice in his career. 

Homasi vs Mendonca Tale of the Tape

Fighter Sabah ‘The Sleek Sheik’ Homasi Maycon Mendonca 
Age 33 31
Height 6’0’’ 6’2’’
Reach 71’’ 74.5’’
Record 16-10 11-5
Career Submissions, TKO  3, 10 1, 4
Fighter Training Camp American Top Team Black House 

Sabah is the smaller framed fighter with finishing and experience advantages. At 170, Maycon is often too lanky and seems to struggle with his weight cut. 

Betting Pick for Homasi vs Mendonca

The Bellator 282 Betting odds show Homasi as the more proven striker, with nearly double the finishing percentage of Mendonca. His losses at the UFC level shouldn’t be held against him, he’s an exciting athlete that tends to blaze through fighters like Maycon. Bet Homasi at -170. 

Brennan Ward -275 vs Kassius Kayne +200

Ward has struggled with Bellator’s top five, going 2-3 in his last five showings. He faces Kayne, a fighter with a similar 2-3 record but against lower level fighters, losing to LFA level talent and offering Maycon Mendonca his only submission win. 

Bellator 285 Over Under Betting Odds Table 

Bet Available at Bovada Over, Yes Odds Under, No Odds 
1.5 -150 +110
2.5 +135 -175
Will the Fight Go the Distance  +170 -230

In both fighters’ last four wins, we see only a single decision. The under 2.5 or no decision prop bets are likely, 

Ward is more crowd pleaser than technician.

Kayne vs Ward Tale of the Tape

Fighter Kassius ‘Killa’ Kayne  Brennan ‘Irish’ Ward 
Age 35 33
Height 6’1’’ 5’10’’
Reach 76’’ 71’’
Record 12-7 15-6
Career Submissions, TKO  3, 8 4, 10
Fighter Training Camp Disorderly Conduct  Whaling City Boxing 

Kayne has a heap of natural advantages here, but both fighters are showing only one decision among wins and three among total losses. 

Betting Prediction for Ward vs Kayne

Our betting pick is the ‘Fight Goes to Decision, No’ prop bet at -230. Neither man likes to go the distance, and there is far too much power in that ring to see a decision. 

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