Belfast makeup artist Paddy McGurgan wows followers with weight loss transformation

Northern Ireland makeup artist Paddy McGurgan has wowed his followers with his impressive weight loss transformation.

The businessman took to Facebook on Wednesday to reveal his new look, receiving a huge response.

Paddy began his weight loss journey at the end of 2019, but it ramped up further as the coronavirus pandemic began as he had some more time on his hands.

He now feels like “a totally different human” and hasn’t even weighed himself once throughout the process.

The makeup artist told Be : “It’s a long process, I’ve kind of give myself a three-year plan… to try and get to the point I want to. The spring of next year is kind of where my goal is when I want to kind of be finished.

“I haven’t weighed myself through any part of this process. I deliberately have avoided it because I don’t want any weight loss to equate to the work that I’ve put in that week, or the nutrition – maybe I think I’ve been eating really well and get on the scales and maybe I’ve lost maybe one pound, and you get deflated because of the number.

Paddy now

“I’ve completely steered away from anything to do with that.”

Paddy said he decided to lose weight for health reasons.

“Working as a makeup artist, whilst it’s not manual labour, for example, it still is really strenuous on the body… If I want to have longevity in this career I knew something needed to change.

“I’ve also had type 2 diabetes… I was really not great with the medications that were being offered and I really wanted that to be in the forefront of my mind to reverse that, which I have.

“It was down to not feeling great about myself in general, restrictions with health and I just wanted to change for me and for just a better standard of living.

“If you feel healthier, you are in a better mood, all of those things kind of work in a tangent with each other. I wanted to lift myself out of, kind of a rut with making poor choices in terms of nutrition and lack of exercise.”

Paddy says he now feels more confident

The businessman has had a personal trainer during the process but researched thoroughly to find someone who would suit him best.

“My plan was to significantly drop weight from where I originally was and I wanted to work with somebody who was used to that body type. He has been fantastic at keeping the motivation and I’ve went to him twice a week from the beginning of this. There’s very little that will stop me from making those trips to see him every single week, I’ve prioritised when normally I would drop things.”

Paddy outlined that he is not on a ‘diet’ and hasn’t had to cut out much, but made changes to his food choices including changing to less fatty options.

He also ensures that he doesn’t have junk food like crisps in the house in order to get rid of temptation.

Paddy before

“I don’t think diets have to cut out everything that you want and restrict, restrict, restrict. I personally have never felt starving or hungry, I just switched things up. Or I’ve maybe been more conscious of snacking or the wrong types of snacks.

“But at the same time, If I want to have a Chinese, I’ll have a Chinese, it’s just a case of getting to the gym the next day. I’ll switch up boiled rice for fried rice.

“The main thing is this isn’t a diet, this just feels as how I live now. It has to be a way of living that is comfortable.

“I’ve done different things, I looked at foods that I was intolerant towards,” Paddy said.

He added that a good way to keep motivated is to ensure you have a good network of people around you for encouragement, including a few that you can go to the gym with.

Paddy says he has set himself a goal to complete his journey next spring

Under his transformation reveal, hundreds have been complementing the makeup artist.

Paddy is overwhelmed with how many “beautiful comments” he has received.

One follower said: “You look amazing! Like looking at a completely different person! You look so much more confident in yourself and that speaks volumes. Well done.”

A second added: “You should be so proud of yourself,” with a third saying: “You look a million dollars!!”

For others wanting to go on their own transformation journey, Paddy says “take it small steps at a time”.

“Don’t go in and try to smash everything at once. Make small changes but keep it consistent.

“I feel like a totally different human. Not just lighter in weight, just lighter in everything, mood, you feel less stressed, you feel more motivated, I just think I’m a nicer person a little bit as well,” he said.

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