Barrow fitness fanatic Chris McKellar to represent Britain in World IBFA Championship

Barrow fitness fanatic Chris McKellar to represent Britain in World IBFA Championship

A FITNESS fanatic is set to represent Britain in a prestigious bodybuilding contest overseas.

Chris McKellar, who works as a contractor for Morgan Sindall in Barrow, was chosen for the IBFA British team to represent his country in the world finals in Rome.

The 32-year-old, who trains at Ironwerx Gym in Barrow, competed in Gateshead on Sunday where he won the Mr Britain class three title.

The title means Mr McKellar will travel to Italy for the World IBFA Championship next month where he will face competitors from other countries to land the Mr World top spot.

“I felt chuffed when I found out I’d won,” he said.

“I didn’t have any expectations. I’m really excited to head off to Rome for the world championship. I feel it’s a great achievement.”

After landing the fourth spot in 2019, Mr McKellar was determined on returning for the Mr GB title over the weekend.

He said: “I’d been training for about 12 weeks before Sunday’s competition. There’s quite a lot of preparation which goes on behind the scenes beforehand.

“I was eating around four to six high protein meals a day and training up to five times a week.

“2019 was the last time I’d competed because of the pandemic so it was good to be back.”

Mr McKellar has been involved in bodybuilding for six years and began training for events in 2015.

“When I started to go to the gym I fell in love with fitness and wanted to get involved in bodybuilding,” he said.

“Bodybuilding and fitness in general is so good for your mental health. It’s helped me a lot over the years.

“Most people go to the gym for different reasons – not just because they want to lose weight or look better.

“A lot of people do it for their mental health and to feel better. It really opened my eyes to how beneficial working out and having something to aim towards can be on your mental health.”

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