Bala deploys SoundCommerce tech to optimize business operations

Fitness accessories brand Bala is deploying SoundCommerce technology for data-driven decision making and to optimize business operations, including first-party customer marketing.

The technology will allow it to further create a personalized customer engagement experience, according to a press release.

Bala fitness equipment can be found in 2,000 retailers globally.

With SoundCommerce, Bala can build a repository of in-depth customer and order data, allowing them to create customer profiles and launch retargeting campaigns using their own first-party data.

“As an omnichannel brand, we are focused on developing one to one relationships with our customers and understanding their path to purchase from beginning to end,” Sam Wilson, head of growth at Bala, said in the release. “SoundCommerce has equipped us with a simplified view of rich customer profiles, allowing us to reach our customers with relevant, targeted content, drive results and ultimately own our customer relationships without reliance on a third-party marketplace.”

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