Athletes should consume carbs post–workout: Here’s why

The present diet and exercise regimen tend to demonize carbs as fattening food that thwart all efforts for weight loss. Eating too much carbohydrate is definitely fattening and unadvisable for those who are trying to lose weight. Some diets, however, prescribe complete omission of carbohydrates so that the body can thrive on protein, for slightest consumption of carbohydrates is considered to be harmful for weight loss. It is however not true. Carbohydrates can actually help one lose weight if they are consumed at the right time and in the right amount. After intense workouts, the body is deprived of glycogen which can be supplied by carbohydrates. If the body isn’t replenished, then muscle recovery and muscle building processes can suffer. Here are five reasons why eating carbs after workouts is not just beneficial but also necessary.

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