Arizona School Board Investigated After ‘Dossier’ on Parents Found

The Scottsdale Police Department issued a statement announcing an investigation into the president of the Scottsdale Unified School Board to determine whether public funds were used to create a disturbing dossier on parents. Mark Greenburg and his son, SUSD Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg, are being investigated after they “allegedly created and maintained” a Google Drive dossier composed of photos and screenshots of parents who opposed issues like critical-race theory and COVID-19 mandates.

In a letter to parents, superintendent Scott Menzel stressed that the school had nothing to do with the file. “It is important to emphasize the District did not create, maintain or have control over the dossier,” he wrote. “The information it contains appears to be largely from public documents, and parents are rightly upset that certain data, photography, and video has been collected and shared.” The link to the Google Drive was shared among parents and eventually with The Arizona Republic, which first reported its existence. Emails sent to the school board calling for Greenburg’s resignation and photos of certain parents’ children were contained in the documents. “We are conducting an investigation into the matter and will report our findings once it is complete,” the Scottsdale Police Dept. said in a statement. “We want to determine if school resources were used inappropriately. We take our responsibility as good stewards of public funds very seriously.”

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