Apple Watch Series 7, the digital clockwork at its finest

Last week, I got my hands on the new Apple Watch Series 7 on the very first day of its release. I’ve spent the last week playing around with the new version, and here are my initial impressions.

Apple Watch Series 7 review —

Better dimensions

A major talking point is the larger screen area. My first impression is just now much easier it is to read what’s on the watch. The screen is 20% larger, which means my watch-faces get a very evident boost in readability. What really strikes me is that this version has an even thinner border, down to 1.7 mm, resulting in a lot more screen space. 

My recommendation: From the face gallery, check out the new contour watch face, which is optimized for this version, with the numerals skirting the edge. If you’re a heritage watch buff, you might want to check out the World Time watch face (I can geek out on this for hours), which shows 24 timezones at once.  

Apple Watch Series 7

Let’s talk design 

To the untrained eye, there may be no significant design changes on the Series 7 vis à vis the Series 6, but upon closer inspection, you’ll definitely notice a more rounded aesthetic, with softer corners and curves, giving it a very chic appeal. I absolutely love how beautifully the front crystal waterfalls over the edge. Interesting and relieved to note that the new watch, in new sizes, that 41mm and 45mm, is compatible with the old bands.

Everything at your fingertips

The UI on the Series 7 is evidently easier to navigate. For someone like me, with stubby fingers, the 45mm model gives me larger buttons and tap targets, ensuring that I don’t end up pressing the wrong buttons or apps. In terms of fitting of text, I love how my iMessages show so much more text at a time, requiring me to scroll far less than before. This is a big plus for me as I do tend to read a lot of my messages on the go. I prefer not to have my email connected to my watch, but I assume this enhanced readability would apply there too. The calculator, which I found too small for me to use in the previous version, is now quite a breeze thanks to larger tap targets.

Apple Watch Series 7

The fitness coach 

At a personal level, I’d say that I use the Apple Watch’s fitness features even more than reading time. The most significant change for me in the activity tracker and the workout app is that the parameters are much clearer and easier to read, especially during a run. For me, this is a big bonus, given that I alternate between the watch’s different workout options quite regularly – outdoor run, high-intensity interval training, traditional strength training etc. As always, my activity tracker constantly reminds me to move, exercise and stand. 

Apple Watch Series 7

Ultra-durable and versatile 

I often tend to switch bands between a more elegant and formal leather band for work and a sportier fabric solo loop for the outdoors. This watch is built to be super durable thanks to its crack-resistant crystal and, of course, ultimate dust protection. This means that I could go mountain biking or run to the beach without worrying about dust slipping into the tiny crevices of my watch. I’ve got the Midnight aluminium case colour, but you can choose between Starlight, Green, blue, and a more toned down (PRODUCT) RED.

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