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Whether you are working out at home or at the gym, you must pay attention to your posture to avoid muscular injuries. This is not just important when you are standing but is even important when you are sitting or lying down. This raises the importance of having a gym bench with you. Primarily, gym benches can be classified as flat and adjustable gym benches. These benches allow you to sit or lie comfortably when you are doing strength training, lifting weights or other types of exercises.

Usually, passionate fitness enthusiasts prefer going for adjustable gym benches because of the variations they offer. Have a look at this list of some of the most trusted options in adjustable gym benches that you can consider buying online.

When it comes to exercise equipment, Kore has been a trusted name in India. This 8-in-1 multipurpose gym bench can be a good option to focus on multiple exercises at home. This gym bench has a heavy-duty frame that can bear the weight of your body along with the weights when you are exercising. Since this gym bench offers multiple exercise options, you can easily do multiple exercises with the help of this adjustable gym bench.


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If you want to go for a combination bench that offers you incline, decline and flat bench options, this adjustable bench can be a good option to pick. Made of high-quality steel material, this bench is strong, durable and will easily withstand your weight. This gym bench is suitable for weight training, sit-ups, abs workouts and more. So, you can have a full-body workout session conveniently at home.

This heavy-duty gym bench can be another good option to pick if you want to make a durable purchase. With both incline and decline options along with a flat bench feature, this gym bench will let you do a variety of exercises comfortably at home. Just make sure that you fix the bench at the right inclination angle before you sit or lie down on the bench. Since this bench has an anti-skid base, you can work out comfortably without worrying about slipping or skidding.

When it comes to exercise or fitness gear, Kobo has been another trusted name in India. This exercise bench by the brand is made of alloy steel which is durable enough to withstand your body weight along with additional weights. This bench is available with comfortable padding that will allow you to lie down comfortably without hurting your back when you are exercising. Since this bench is easy to assemble and has an attractive design, you need not think too much before buying this gym bench online.

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Here is another affordable option in an adjustable gym bench to help you enjoy a variety of exercises at home. This gym bench can support a maximum weight of around 300-400 kg which is sufficient for both beginners and professionals depending on the type of workout you pick. It will be easy for you to adjust the inclination of this bench depending on the type of exercise session you pick at home.

Have a look at other popular options in adjustable gym benches here.

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