Adele One Night Only biggest moments round up.

“Well, when I was going through everything a couple of years ago, when I was going through my divorce, yes,” she said. 

“Not at the beginning. At first, I was probably keeping the alcohol industry alive.” 

Her father didn’t listen to her music until right before his death

Shortly before he died, Adele’s father admitted to her he hadn’t listened to anything but ‘Hometown Glory,’ one of her first songs, because “it was too painful”. 

“So I forced him to listen, and we both cried,” she said.

“And then him sort of really understanding my child wounds through my song was amazing for me and him… And then when I played him the album–by then, he’d listened to all of ’19,’ all of ’21,’ all of ’25’–and my mum was helping to look after him towards the end as well. And his favourites were all of my favourites, you know, which I thought was amazing.”

Adele suffered panic attacks after her divorce

Adele told Oprah she started working out to “centre herself” after her divorce. 

“Once I realised I had a lot of work to do on myself, I stopped drinking and I started working out a lot… to keep me sort of centred,” she explained. 

The ‘Easy On Me’ singer said some of that work was learning how to deal with the “terrifying anxiety attacks” she suffered after her marriage ended. 

“I had the most terrifying anxiety attacks after I left my marriage. They paralysed me completely and made me so confused because I wouldn’t be able to have any control over my body, but I was aware of that happening because it was kind of still very much there while my whole body was just like, on another planet it felt like,” she explained.

The singer went on to explain that she realised the only time she didn’t feel anxious was when she was at the gym, so she ramped up her workout sessions as a result.  

“It became my time,” she said. “Me having a plan every day… having these sort of pins in my day, helped me keep myself together.” 

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