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Adamari López takes care of her figure in the style of Yanet García | Instagram

Following in the footsteps of Yanet GarciaThis is how we find in social networks that the beautiful Adamari López takes care of her figure. The Telemundo star knows that all success requires a sacrifice and that is why he takes care of his anatomy with the sweat on his brow and more than that.

Following in the footsteps of the beautiful former weather girl from the Hoy Program, Adamari Lopez shared that her current figure did not come to her alone and that she performs a tough training session to look as spectacular as possible day by day.

The ex of Toni Costa made it clear that having an impact figure is not an easy task and that is why you must do elevations of your body, legs and other physical exercises to look really beautiful and spectacular.

With all the fit style of the beautiful Yanet García, the Hoy Día host recorded herself while training in company with very tight leggings with blue and white tones and a comfortable shirt, an example of determination and discipline for her followers who undoubtedly they should take.

But in addition to her physical effort and sweat, the beautiful actress also resorts to other methods that the former Lewis Howes also uses, because in the purest Yanet style, Alaia’s mother filmed herself from a massage bed.


Adamari López takes care of her figure in the style of Yanet García. Photo: Capture.

In the expectation of whether she would show too much, the judge of Así se baila recorded herself in the absence of a wardrobe and on a bed, where she captured a beautiful woman who was very concentrated performing massages, Ada asked her to say hello to her public, with whom he shared the images through his Instagram stories.

Many famous people attend this type of massage with the aim of reducing measurements, improving the appearance of the skin, toning and shaping the figure. It is an excellent option to complement the change of figure of this beautiful woman.

Adamari López is very motivated and happy with her transformation after a radical weight loss. In recent months, the television screen witnessed how Ada changed her body; However, it was until the last weeks when the artist had a very drastic and definitive change.

Many say that after Adamari’s effort for months of training and eating plans, the actress would have resorted to a “little help” to be able to reach her goal, something that she has not confirmed and if true, there would be nothing wrong.

However, some say that it would be very cheating of her to have done something like that secretly from her audience since she was being the image of weight loss products, and inspiration for many people.

Despite what may or may not be said about Adamari Lopez and the scandals around her, the truth is that she is one of the most beloved characters on television and with whom millions of people identify as mother and woman. A key phase in the life of the famous was her battle against cancer, which made her an example of strength and hope for those who go through this disease and their families.

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