A Top Trainer Shared His Best Advice for Quick Fat Loss

In a new video on his YouTube channel, training coach and fitness influencer Jeremy Ethier shares the diet and workout plan that he used to lose fat and lean down in just 6 weeks, a period known as a “mini-cut,” and offered his advice for how to best use this approach for fat loss.

The main two differences between a mini-cut and a regular cutting period, Ethier explains, is that they usually take place over a significantly shorter amount of time, and will frequently involve eating at a bigger calorie deficit.

“Typically you’ll want to aim for a rate of fat loss of about 0.5 to a maximum 1 percent of your bodyweight per week,” he says. “The idea with this fast yet aggressive diet is that you’re able to quickly lose fat without the muscle loss and fatigue that would occur if you had extended it any longer.”

While this means that a mini-cut has become a popular choice for achieving short-term weight loss goals, Ethier adds that it is just that: a short-term solution. “The problem with mini-cuts is that they’re very hard to stick to,” he continues. “And even if you do manage to stick through it, because of the changes your body experiences during the mini-cut, it makes it very easy to regain all the fat that you’ve lost as soon as you’re done.”

After sharing the meals and training routine he used during his mini-cut, Ethier says that just as important was what he did after that 6-week window to ensure that he kept the weight off.

“There’s two factors that cause rapid fat regain,” he says: “As a result of weighing less and the effects of dieting, my metabolism is slightly lower now than it was previously. In addition to this, drastically reducing activity, or cutting it out altogether after the mini-cut, would not only mean I’m burning even less calories every day, but there’s also data to suggest that lower levels of activity make regulating hunger more difficult.”

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