A Strength & Stamina Session From the Man Who Ran 48 Marathons in Just 30 Days

Whether it’s a 10km, half-marathon, 26.2 or something a bit more ultra, most of us enter into running challenges to support a charity that is close to our hearts. When you hit that inevitable wall, the thought of those for whom we are raising funds; the memory of somebody we’ve lost is what keeps you going. It’s about more than us and the next step, metre and mile.

William Goodge is like us. He was running to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support and in memory of his mother, who he lost a few years ago. But in almost every other way, William’s running was not like ours. It was extraordinary.

Beginning with a 26.2-miler in Tyne & Wear on 4th September, Will proceeded to tour the country, running one or two marathons every single day in order to complete the distance in every one of the 48 English counties over the course of just 30 days. Living, sleeping and recovering in a live-in van, along with his support crew, Charlie, Josh and Robbie, the PureSport ambassador’s final 26.2 was the London Marathon on 3rd October. He crossed the line of his 30th marathon in 3 hours and 16 minutes.

You don’t need to run a marathon or two a day to benefit from William’s wisdom, thankfully. Here he gives you one of his training workouts as a SQUAD exclusive, to strengthen your running, level-up your stamina and build the mindset it takes to push through, regardless of your level of proficiency.

“This session is aimed at strength and stamina, two areas that I really had to focus upon throughout my 48/30 challenge,” says William. “Focusing on muscle and joint strength can help avoid injury when running, plus it can improve your running times. In this workout we’ll be placing a lot of emphasis on hip strength. Strong hips help improve running form, which in turn can again reduce injury. Throughout the entirety of my challenge, I had zero injuries. So it works!”


1) Hip flexor pulse x 10 on each side

Sink into a lunge position and then push forward as a pulse. Do 10 on one leg, then switch to the other.

2) 90/90 hip switch x 10

Sit with your back straight, both knees on the ground pointed to your left. Now use your hips to flip them over to point right. Do 10 reps in total.

3) Deep squat x 10 seconds x 3 sets

Sink into a deep squat, rock side-to-side and push your knees out with your elbows.

Extra Advice: Use the Puresport CBD 100MG balm before the session to help warm up your muscles and joints.


    1) Slow single leg squats x 10 each leg

    Add a dumbbell as this becomes easier or place a box behind you if you struggle.

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    2) Dumbbell floor press x 10

    Squeeze your glutes throughout and perform while in a glute bridge if you’re more advanced.

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    3) Bulgarian split squats x 10 each leg

    Focus on your balance as much as possible. Add weight as you progress.

      Do this whole routine 3 times in total.

      Extra Advice: Slow each rep down for the full benefit. Go for the tempo of 3-1-3.


      Go for a 30minute easy run. This should be at a chatty pace; similar kind of pace to a Sunday long run.

      Extra Advice: Your legs will be fatigued, so this mimics the end of a longer run, where your legs are feeling extremely tired yet you have to keep going. So just keep on going.

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