84 dogs, cats and tiny animals looking for loving homes in the North East – could you help?

Meet the dogs, cats and tiny animals looking for somewhere to call their forever home – could you help?

Waffles, Domino and Ace are just some of the adorable animals looking for a home and a loving owner to care for them.

This adorable line-up of dogs, cats and tiny animals are currently living in shelters in the North East. While some are still puppies and kittens looking for a happy home after a difficult start in life, others are older and looking for their retirement home.

Taking on a pet is a big commitment, so it is important to do your research before adopting an animal. But for those who are able to commit to offering a pet a home can receive a lifetime of love in return.

Each rehoming centre may still have their own Covid-safe procedures and it is best to visit their website to remain up to date with current procedures. More information and enquiries about the pets living at Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter can be found by visiting their website, here, and details and enquiries about the dogs currently living at Dogs Trust in Darlington can be found by visiting their website here.

Here are the adorable dogs, cats and tiny animals who are currently looking for their forever homes in the North East.

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