8 Things About Master Chief You Only Learn Outside Of The Games

Halo has become a multimedia franchise that exists outside of just video games, and various details about Master Chief are only revealed elsewhere.

Halo is one of the longest lasting sci-fi video game franchises and Master Chief has been leading the way since the beginning. The massive Spartan has been the focus of five games which have taken fans along on countless adventures.

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Even with five games though, there are many things about Master Chief that take place outside of the games. Some of his greatest feats have taken place in the pages of books. While most of the games are beloved by fans of the franchise and the larger gaming community, the extended universe of Halo is just as loved and adored, not to mention fleshing out Master Chief’s backstory in a way the games have not.

8 Master Chief Has A Home World And It Isn’t Earth

Halo 2 Anniversary screenshot

For many players of the Halo series, Master Chief is the faceless savior of the galaxy. People don’t tend to think a lot about his life before Halo: Combat Evolved. Fans of the books think differently, though. In Fall of Reach, which is a prequel to the first Halo game, it’s revealed that before he was abducted for the Spartan-II program, he called planet Eridanus II his home. This was a peaceful planet that didn’t care much for the UNSC and where humans moved to for a more peaceful and rural experience.

7 He Has A Cyber-Link That Connects Him To His Weapons

No matter what Halo game a person picks up, there are certain weapons that people always expect to see. A fan favorite is the assault rifle— while not the most useful weapon, it is a staple of the franchise for various reasons. In the books, it dives into why Master Chief loves to use the assault rifle and other UNSC weapons. It turns out the Chief has a chip in his brain that acts as a cybernetic link between him and his weapons. This means that Chief knows everything about his guns, from ammo to aiming without sights and more.

6 He Is A Large Man Without His Armor, But A Massive One With It

Master Chief is a massive person. He stands at 7 feet tall in his armor, and 6 feet and 10 inches when he is outside of it. While that does make him above average in height, it is the amount of weight he carries which is truly staggering. Without his signature armor, the Chief weighs 287 pounds. When he does have his armor on, which is almost always, he weights almost 1,000 pounds. This is a ludicrous amount of weight considering how much Master Chief can leap and still be maneuverable on the battlefield.

5 Master Chief Was A Troublemaker As A Kid

A young John-117 Master Chief in training Halo 4

Master Chief has always been the biggest person in the room. Even as child it is described that he was always a foot taller than most of his peers at any given age.

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This advantage lead to Master Chief not being the nicest kid. He was always fighting, he stole dinner off of someone’s plate, and he refused to help anyone all so he could be the best. Fortunately, by the time fans meet him in the game, he is a lot better of a person.

4 Master Chief Has A Clone That Took His Place With His Family

Spartan II Program Halo

A huge part of the Spartan-II program involved abducting children to train and preform experiments on that turn them into Spartans. Master Chief is no different. In order to cover up these abducts, clones were made and put in the place of the children. These clones lived out the rest of their lives in the place of the abducted children. This made sure that the Spartan-II program remained a secret.

3 He Killed UNSC Soldiers While Boxing And He Didn’t Care

During his training and early days as a Spartan, Master Chief was brutal. He showed no mercy and was always ready for a fight. Some ODSTs are mad at Master Chief because he left some equipment out, so they decide to settle their differences in a boxing match. The ODSTs assault Master Chief with everything they have, but it isn’t enough. Chief demolishes them, organs and all, and then goes to wash their blood off in the shower. He barely even feels remorse for the vicious incident.

2 He Can Deflect Incoming Missiles With His Hands

master chief means business

While doing a training exercise, Master Chief and his A.I. companion Cortana had to complete an impossible task. This involved running across an open field while being chased by a heat seeking missile. Instead of being chased though, Master Chief decides to deflect the missile away using his own hands. Between his brute strength, and Cortana calculating exactly how he needed to hit it, Master Chief completed the impossible task of deflecting away a missile.

1 He Destroyed 500 Covenant Ships At Once And Saved Earth In The Process

The Covenant are one of the main enemy factions of the Halo franchise. Master Chief has destroyed countless Elites and Grunts. He has also taken down numerous Ghosts and Banshees. His greatest act of destruction took place between Combat Evolved and Halo 2. A massive Covenant station parked over Earth and prepared for an invasion. With the assistance of a couple other Spartans, Chief overloaded the stations reactor and took it out before it could launch its first ship. The station contained 500 ships and enough troops for an invasion.

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