5 women on why we need to reframe our idea of fitness

Becca noticed her breasts were different sizes once she hit puberty. She was diagnosed with a condition called Poland syndrome – a disorder where individuals are born with missing or underdeveloped muscles on one side of the body – when she was 17.

“I used to let my hatred for my condition ruin my day after trying on clothes that didn’t fit my body,” Becca reveals.

“If I’m having a bad mental health day, I recognise that my body starts to feel the strain too, and anxiety or depression can make me very physically unwell.”

However, everything changed once she realised that fitness could help reframe her body image.

“I try to move or get out for a walk as much as I can, even on bad days, to improve my mental and physical health,” she says. 

“It isn’t always easy as I have physical disabilities that sometimes prevent me from doing as much exercise as I’d like, but getting up and moving my body does help relieve my mind and body of stress.”

Since posting about her experience online, Becca has received hundreds of messages from women suffering with PS. She’s now the first female ambassador for the Poland syndrome charity PIP UK, and speaks publicly at events about the condition.

“I’ve learned that I am resilient and can overcome things that once would’ve broken my spirit,” Becca says when talking about her own fitness journey. “Since embracing the size difference and loving my chest, my self-confidence has improved immensely.”

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