3 things you need to do to lose weight and sustain it

Losing weight is something that many people undertake on a regular basis. So many manage to lose weight quite successfully but falter in their journey as they are not able to sustain that weight loss and slowly regain the weight they have lost. This leads to an endless loop of diet and workout routines none of which are sustainable in the long run.

So, what is the key to shed the extra pounds and then to stay that way for a long time. The key to sustenance weight loss is two things – discipline and consistency.

When you embark on a weight loss journey, it cannot be spot weight loss and then back to old routines. The process to losing weight and sustaining it is embracing a change in your lifestyle on a permanent basis.

Popular nutritionist Azra Khan posted a video on her Instagram where she spoke about developing healthy habits to sustain the ideal weight and the key of it is to exercise every day and to eat clean for most part of the week,

Khan said, “Weight loss is important, but not gaining the lost weight is more important. That is why always make sure the things you do to lose weight are practical and sustainable.”

Along with her video she shared a long caption in which she lists three things that one must do to sustain the weight lost. She urges people to not chase a number on a scale as that often leads to crash diets and short cuts which will give temporary results but the number on the weighing scale will not sustain in the long run.

According to her, the three habits to maintaining the golden weight is:

Work out: Make a workout routine, intensity of your choice but as much as 4 days a week without exception have an exercise routine to stay in shape

Walk: Along with a workout, everyday (including weekends) walk a minimum of 8,000 steps. Walking is crucial to maintaining not just weight, but overall health too. Physical movement is critical to sustaining weight loss.

Balanced food intake: In order to stay at the weight, you have lost and not gain weight again, a lifestyle change has to be implemented. The balance between healthy food and junk has to be tilted 80 percent towards healthy food with junk being only 80 percent of the diet. Ideally, stick to healthy food most of the time and leave the junk indulgences to gatherings, festivals and such.

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