28 riders out of total 30 finish BRM 200-km cycling circuit

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Twenty-eight riders out of a total of 30 riders finished the BRM 200-kilometre cycling circuit on a chilly morning on Monday. The riders included such women as Sapna Khatri, Kavita Rawat and others. The route was Indore-Dodi-Indore. The riders ended the ride with a fun face and a quick tip-sharing seminar on how to recover from the ride. The ride started with a chilly morning wind blowing and then the weather became pleasant.

Ashutosh Vyas and Gaurav Jain could not complete the ride due to health problems.

Dr Sangram Singh, president, Indore Randonneur Club, said that this type of endurance cycling produced good health, as well as responsible citizens who were also disciplined. He shared tips on recovering from the ride.

Praveen Parashar, organiser of Indore Randonneur Club, said that, for such long-distance cycling, special care had to be taken to ensure hydration. Strength of mind was also a prerequisite.

He further said that a cyclist got into a lot of trouble when traffic came from the wrong side because they were cycling along their lanes. So, it is the duty of all of us to follow traffic rules and drive in the right direction and in the proper lanes.

Senior cyclist Manoj Mishra, who had become ‘Super Randonneur’ thrice, said that every ride had its own challenges. So, by taking part in any event after taking proper training, one could finish the event well.

How to recover faster, better from hard rides?

Cool down: After ‘smashing’ your legs, take a few minutes to spin along at a very easy pace at a small gear. The blood vessels in your legs expand while you’re pounding away. Stopping abruptly causes the blood to pool, which, in turn, limits your ability to get fresh nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood in and metabolic waste out—two keys to muscle repair and recovery.

Compress: Studies indicate that compression socks or tights can help reduce swelling, fatigue and muscle soreness after intense exercise. Compression clothing accelerates the process of shepherding blood back to your heart, which, in turn, improves blood oxygen levels and subsequent recovery.

Put your feet up: One of the simplest ways to recover is to lie flat on your back with your legs up against a wall or resting on the back of a chair or a couch.

Massage: Research shows that massage following exercise can improve circulation up to 72 hours later. It also breaks up muscle adhesions or knots that can form from overuse, so your muscles work more smoothly and efficiently.

Sleep enough: This point is self-explanatory.

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Published on: Monday, December 13, 2021, 11:53 PM IST

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